Tuesday, September 30, 2008

血汐にまみれ の 皇帝

生きているよ, かならず。

Depression caught me. I hide myself under sea of angst fics that turn up shortly after Final Turn was released. Some were lovely. I said before the ending sux, but that's not what I really meant. It's just an outbreak of Lelouch's death impact. The ending was nice, although I would never approve their deaths even though it's a nice way to redeem them.


But one can always hope and dream, ne? A lot says that the cart driver is the king in disguise. Which is highly unlikely, but as I said, one can always hope. If Sunrise gives us an open ending like this, then all we can do is guess and hope. There's no proof that he is dead or alive. How thoughtful of you Sunrise...

I personally wish that he lives, along with C.C., these two immortals shall roam the world for eternity. And, hopefully, hopefully they'll rise up in another era, when peace has crumbled again and they'll rule the world!!! XDD That will be pretty neat!! But it depends on Sunrise. But again, it'll be cool also if they make a movie with a different ending like X and X The Movie!! And yes, this time they MUST LIVE!! Or an OVA/OAD filling up those gap that they skipped... Surely they know this is another way of making more $$!!

Nabari no Ou has ended as well... But I don't really care about it, not now. I'll watch it after SPM. Yoite died. But we all know he's gonna die anyway, unlike Lelouch who stand as much chance as Arthur the cat to live. The later's death was really a pain. Not unexpected...

Again. I hate Sunrise.

Angst Suzaku!! Come on!! Say that you dun want all this stuff!!! Who cares about the world??? Not me!! I'm selfish!!! I only want them to be together!!!!



*sniffs sniffs* T-T WHY???????!!!! The blood!!! It's red!!! *breaks down* So red...

Some nice fics:







I find this heart-warming & highly amusing at the same time.

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