Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look at it!

Yo!! To tell you the truth, I'm really bored. I have no books to read, no toys to play coz I'm stuck in this tiny cage. Oh wait, you don't know who I am... I'll tell you. My name is Fluffy. Yes, a lousy name that can't go any lamer than it can get... Don't ask me how I got it, my masters got it for me. Even though I'm fluffy and puffy that doesn't mean that I should be name Fluffy. It's just like you don't usually call someone who's retarded stupid.

I got here today. I'll be leaving next week. My owners take turns to take care of me. Which means I'll be traveling once in a while to another house, and waste some time to adapt myself to the new surroundings. And usually, Ill have to get to their school first, where those annoying boys always found their way to torment me. Talk about hard life...

My owner got a wheel for me. I never use it. Hah!! It's not that I'm lazy, or fat, which I'm definitely NOT, that wheel is just waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too narrow for me. And so, the wheel laid there, collecting dust. My owner tried to stuff me in occasionally, but I got away everytime, slipping out from their fingers...

The food, I'm the champion of pickers. I, am health conscious. I only eat fresh food. Corn was my favourite, and green veges, fruits' skin and carrots. I barely touch the nuts and grains they prepared. That troubled them alright. And since I have absolutely nothing to do in that pathetically small cage, I always spend my time gnawing the steel bars. How I loved those bars~ Biting them was my favourite activity.

Unfortunately, yes, I said unfortunately, my owners didn't approve. Darn!! Whenever they saw me doing that, they smack my nose. Which is the only part they can reach since they have humongous fingers and couldn't get through the wonderful bars. It hurts, naturally.

To be frank, I'm an amazing climber. I climb better than my monkey owner. I kept climbing from the side bars to the roof. Sometimes, well, maybe not sometimes but occasionally, they opened the door, either the upper one or the front door doesn't really matter. I always tried to escape. And yes, I failed everytime. Which is normal for a very tiny animal like me against those huge and evil giants.

Other times, I sleep. Though it's kinda hard to sleep without any disturbance, since those giants kept roaring and shrieking around. How I hate that. They scream at the tiniest thing. Um, well, not exactly tiny according to my POV. And they loved to grab me with their scarily large hands, roughly. They also tried to break my habit of biting the steel bars by giving me wooden sticks. I ignored them almost everytime... Some of the paint has come off from the bar due to my gnawing.

Here are my daily activities:
- Eat
- Crap
- Sleep
- Gnaw
- Climb
- Sleep
- Crap
- Clean myself
- And sleep

If you are reading this, Then I'm positively sure that you're not blind, so here's some wonderful photos of me. Enjoy~

Fluffy doesn't run in the wheel but on top of it...

He climbs...

A close-up photo.

He doesn't use the slide to reach there. Instead, he climbs.

And so he swing.

Right now he's upside-down.

Peeping Fluff...

Quote of the Post
"Kiss my furry cheeks!"
by Alvin

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