Tuesday, April 1, 2008

今日は4 月1 日です!!

Trick 1.
We planned to trick William in the morning we succeed without any interruption!!! We pretend to hate him, (in fact, someone really hates him...) XDDD LOL
He was soooo innocent and naive!!! He KNEW today is APRIL FOOL's, and yet he totally didn't suspect that we're actually playing a prank... Lesson of the day, LEARN CHINESE!!! Or else, you'll ended up like him, totally blur even when we're hinting him the reason we 'hates' him is 4 月1 日,愚人节!!!

Trick 2.
Kentai-kun was tricked!
CR: Have you study your physics?
K : Err... I haven't draw the diagram...
CR: Do you know there'll be a physic test?
K : Eh??!!! Really!! But I thought we have the ceramah?? (Believes without a doubt...)
CR: I dunno wor... See how Ms Wong thinks...
K : I know... We'll drag until physic is over then we won't have to sit for the test...
CR: April Fool's!!!

Trick 3.
Vincy Teo aka Chicky White~~
CR: What do I do???
CW: What's the matter??
CR: You know what, GC is moving to Sabah... Where her mother comes from... And she'll be leaving school... Then I'll be alone... How???
CW: Sabah???!!! Her whole family?? Why?
CR: I dunno also...
* then someone interrupts, 'do you know today is April Fool's?')
CR: Happy April Fool's!!

Trick 4.
Melissa Soo!!
CR: Hey Melissa, I heard that the author of Ouran is going to continue Ouran!!!
MS: Really!!! That's so wonderful!! The romance between the couple... (Overexcited...)
CR: Happy April Fool's!!!! (XDDD LOL)

Trick 5.
Chicky White again!!
CR: What's that dirty spot on your specs?
CW: Where?? *takes off glasses to check*
CR: Happy April Fool's!!

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