Monday, February 4, 2008


Sayonara Puan Phua Ah Eng - our Penolong Pengetua of SMKTS~~ Why am I doing this? I don't know... Maybe it's because everyone's so high... All those events and etc... Yeah, I screamed a lot alright with the crowd... At first we wait in the Dewan and after those usual-long-repeating speeches we got to watch those cool (some...) performances... I like the Hercules song the best, 少年 is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.~~ The ballet by Melody was nice, the hottest is the librarians and of course the finale dance!! Pn, Hanim, Pn Doreen, Pn Harminder, Pn Zakiyah En Alan, En Zaidi, and last but not least PUAN PHUA!!! But Pn Zakiyah was the BEST... She RAWKS!! Can't see Pn Hanim, stop hiding!!

And then recess, I REALLY didn't notice that it's already 10:45 when everything ended!! After visiting the canteen, which was loaded cos there's more students, we went back to class. The prefects shoo us out and we Illegal Immigrants sneaked into the SPBT room...

Then the parade!! Buy, I mean BYE Pn Phua!! All the best!! I got her autograph... But no one wants it... (hahahar)

Cold jokes (prepare your hanky, or a box of tissue will do) --->
1. What do you do if you want to stop the pain (on anypart of your body) badly?
Chop it off, without that part you can't feel 'THAT' pain!!

2. Find the term CLN in your chemistry books and name give me it's fullname.
(highlight for answer)

Can you believe it?? Photos will be up on next post... Stupid connection... Kanashii desu...

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