Monday, June 21, 2010


Mmmm... Sexy.

Went to college to arrange my timetable today. After that we went to Korean Street Cafe to have lunch with Jhe Yee, Kirly, Jane, and Eloise.

Had so much fun playing Uno Stacko. It was absolutely hilarious to see Jhe Yee and Jane going so stress to pull out the pieces... And evil plot was evil indeed, fufufu, I love the Double piece!!!!

Our highest record was 25 levels!!! Except for the last game, every game ended with a scream from all of us... LOL Good thing we had those blinds around us, or else it's soooo embarrassing!!! xD

Jhe Yee!!!

And so, my first semester has ended, and we're given a 1.5 months of holiday.

Will start working tomorrow at my dad's office. Don't like working there... =____= Always eat outside food is bad as well, haiz... Hopefully Xiao Mi will give me work to do at home, then I work watch drama while working!!! Muahahahahhaha!!!

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