Thursday, July 15, 2010

Result, Work, & Dance

Result was out, early, in the middle of the night.

Weird, with only four subjects and having to check them online, I don't feel that stressed up or excited as I usually feel *thinks PMR/SPM*

Econ 86
Acc 84
BIS 80
B. Law 76

In overall, I think I did ok. A bit down for not getting 90 above for everything. I supposed I certainly deserve them, afterall I was sleeping throughout the lectures and didn't study much before the exam. No pain no gain. Urgh.

Like last time, my accounts was/is better than some other subjects I thought I'm better at... Didn't expect it to be better than Law... lol As for Econs, I find it much more interesting than the other subjects I'm taking, perhaps it's because I have a solid foundation for it?

Me needs to stardy hard next sem. If can, I need the scholarship badly (for the sake of my pride and my mummy~).

Well, I've been working for like, since sem break started? Urgh. Didn't get to go for any outing... T^T. Gaaaaaaahhh!!! Why is my dad the boss???????????? Besides that, with my concert coming up, I can't go anywhere too far... Need to practice afterall...

So... Karaoke after 24th July anyone?? Pwease~ Will find a good reason to runaway from office for a day!!!

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