Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Half of my 1st sem is gone and I have yet to comment on my Uni life, especially the subjects I'm taking.

First of all, Accounts. It is, after all, the one subject I'll be doing in my major.

It was unexpected that, Accounts 100 is mostly about business planning and calculations. It was rather different from our Accounts foundation, which almost killed me with all the formats and crazy things I had to write.

But no, thank god that this is more business-like, which involves calculating profits, interests, investments and others. And I just so happened to have a somewhat business-ish mind. Yessss.

My greatest achievement in Accounts, is probably achieving 20.8/25 for my mid-sem (grade will be confirmed tomorrow, I'm just afraid that my eyes tricked me It has been confirmed!!!!). Considering that I've been spending at least half of the time sleeping throughout the lecture, that's pretty good... xD

Moving on to Econ, a subject I'm so familiar with and yet still screwing up sometimes. At the moment, Econ isn't really tough since I've already built a rather strong foundation in the UFP. Good thing, because of that I was able to sleep through the lecture as well.

One thing that amazes me was, the fact that I think I actually enjoyed doing my Econ assignment. Assignment usually means something that is very stressful and painful to do, and yet why did I feel somewhat ecstatic while doing it. Weird, eh?

The third subject, Business Law. To me, it was rather vague for the first few chapters. We had to familiarise ourselves with the structure and everything before we can move on to study the cases. It only started to be more enjoyable when we started studying the cases, which are pretty interesting. Oh yes, you get to know a lot of things going on, and some are ridiculous. It's like a story that you get to apply the philosophy in your daily life. Sweet.

My highest achievement? 18/20 for the second test. Awesome.

Lastly, we have Business Information System aka BIS. And I really must say, that it is one of the most boring subject I've ever came across. It's basically about the how the information forms a system which is very important in the business world.

I can digest numbers, formulas, and theories up to a certain level without feeling the agony. But this, is plain boring. You learn what it is, how to differentiate it, and what to do when you have problems. And yeah, we also have lab class under BIS, where we are taught on how to use Microsoft Office and a few internet-related handy tools.

Some of the things taught in the lab class were retarded, or at least, in my opinion. However that's not the case for everyone, particularly the computer-illiterates... So I shall not go any deeper into this... Yes I think you know who you are...

The last assignment of this sem will be handed in on 4th May, and the very last mid-sem is around the corner in a few weeks time. After that, we'll be spending most of our time studying day, night, and in dreams. Finals are in June. It's not that far away seeing that it's going to be May in a few days' time.

Right, I need a short break, but not at this moment. Now, I shall go and finish what I've put aside to make this post...

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