Saturday, April 17, 2010


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Crazy old man is being crazy, that's why he's unreasonable, and unbearable.


So what he said. He said, 'your grandparents are old and you need to help your aunty when they're around. Like serve them water, help them do things, keep an eye on them in case and blah-blah-blah' *Well, this is common sense actually, and I do agree with him*

However, he also said, 'don't do your homework when the tv's on'.

Which sadly, the tv's always on whenever my grandparents are here since they have nothing else better to do, which is very common for people of their age.

The thing is, I have loads of homework to do and things I need to study. And more importantly, my maid's not available so sometimes my aunty has to leave them to deal with other stuffs.

So which is more important? Taking care of my grandparents or my studies?

Well, the ugly truth is, none of them.

My father's pride and ego are the things I need to consider.

So old man asked what was I doing. And I replied I was doing my assignment, then he asked where.

Well, where? In the other living room with my grandparents (or grandmother to be exact) watching the dramas.

So old man ain't happy. So he started questioning about my memory.

'Well, didn't I tell you not to study with the tv on?' with a very unpleasant tone that indicates his unhappiness.

'blah-blah-blah' goes his 'didn't i tell you?' 'can't remember?' 'huh?' 'Huuuuurrrhh?'

Yes I do, uncle. Fyi, my memory serves me perfectly well.

And finally he boomed, 'sowhydidn'tyoudoasIsaid?'

And there goes my rebuttal.

He ain't happy.

'So you're doubting my decision?' *I think what he meant was, 'so you're challenging my pathethic ego me eh?*

And old man went on blabbering about me not being obedient lar, his words are not important lar, and I need some whacking lar and more craps.

So yeah, here I am in the dining area typing this.

So what if they need me? I don't suppose he knows that my grandpa once lost his balance and I was the one there who saw him and rushed to his aid at once.

So what if I wasn't there? Never mind that, crazy people tak ada imagination yang good. Not all, but he's under that category.

I don't know what to say. seriously. He's always beating me up because I didn't think properly while doing things (why you didn't do this lar? Why didn't you think of the consequences lar? Why can't you use your brain lar? Whywhywhywhywhy????????)

And now my main priority is my grandparents' well being. But nuuuu. Crazy old man ain't happy because I gave him my reason for my action, which he treats it as a lame excuse and a lousy act of defiance.

Bull shit.
Enough said.

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