Friday, October 30, 2009


You have been warned.
Rantings beware.

1. Slapping does not help.

2. Your choice of words smells worse than the stench of the drain outside Taylor's.

3. I'm not deaf, you really don't have to shout.

Really. Is it just so easy to switch between a civilized human and a foul-mouth *self-insert*? Oh wait, maybe it is for him.

ok. So you say I don't use my brain. Indeed I don't, happy?

The thing is, shooting me with vulgar phrases like, 'you eat shit is it? (direct translation from Chinese)', 'you're stupid,' and 'blah-blah-blah', just proves that you're not that smart, or in fact, using your brain after all.

If you ask me do I eat shit? The answer is, that depends on you.


You're the one feeding me, remember?

Next, why are we stupid? Blame the genes? And where does it come from I wonder. You? Or my mum? And so you deny that you have stupid genes, ego. But then why did you marry a stupid woman at the first place? Blind perhaps? Or what?

Enlighten me.

Lastly, you're embarrassing you parents. You say the parents are at fault of the wild behaviours of some kids you saw on the street. And here you are, not giving a damn for shooting like this. If I were your mum I would have disown you.

If you've got a brain, maybe you haven't try using it yet.

Didn't you always say, 'when you do things, plan before you act, and prepare alternatives just in case.' Oh, I hate those moments I have to help you out. The chances of me getting through it without being scold and hit is like < 0.1%?

Since punishing us doesn't cure our stupidity, why don't you try something else? I wonder what happen to the backup plan you keep drumming into our ears. Oh yeah, I forgot your didn't bother to think of one. Why? I suppose your stupid ego would give me some stupid answer that doesn't makes any sense.

Pardon me for asking such a stupid question. You have to, cause stupidity runs in my vein.

Really, if you're so smart we wouldn't be dumb. Or maybe you're not dumb, it's just that the method you use is not the right one. Then again, you're either
-not bright enough to realise that, .
-blinded by your ego (which means you're dumb since you can't control your ego)
-not smart enough to discover another more approachable method.

And yeah, you said you want to live long and prosper. I do hope you know that losing your temper over the tiniest thing is actually the last thing you wanna do.

What a hypocrite.

I don't mind being corrected. Criteria? No bad-words, no shouting, no slapping/whacking/hitting/whipping and that might do the trick.

Mr. Omni-knowing, certainly you understand the principle of the ball bounces higher when you hit it harder. Heck, you look down on me for not knowing a lot of things, can't you try to relate this with us?

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