Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sem 2 Results

It was twilight, I had nightmares. Urgh.

I saw a dog in the middle of the road being ran over into 2 by a car, and the dog can still bark.
What kind of dream is that???

Woke up in the morning and found SueLing had just phoned me hours ago and Annie sms me minutes ago. Called quite a few of people to check the results, finally got Lizzie who's still there back then.

'Je Hui, for Accounts, you got 80.(something).'

*my mind went totally blank*



'80, as in 8?'

*I got 80 for Acc?? How can that be???*


'As in Marcus' 8?'


'I got 80 for Accounts?'

*why is the sky not falling?*

'Oh sorry!! That's English!'


*Now I know why*

'Oh, ok. Then Accounts????'

'You got 65 (something like that).'

*phew, I passed*



'Then, Business Communication you got 80.(something again), Moral 75 (not sure), and Math 91.'

So that's like 4 High Distinction (if the numbers above are correct and I didn't get anything wrong), and one credit (I'm fine with that).

Urgh, math. It can seriously be higher than that. Possibly a 95... If only I didn't make that stupid blunder... T.T *self-loathes*

Enough self-loathing... It's time to truly enjoy my remaining holiday!! xD

And Happy Belated Birthday to Kah Hee and Chung Zhih!!!

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