Monday, August 17, 2009


Sony Ericsson W995!!

Went to Pertama at KL to shop for my phone on Saturday with my mum!!

We walked through almost every stall to ask for the black model. But for some freaking reason it was always out of stock... T.T

In the end, I checked out the silver one, it looks ok to me. Though I'd prefer it to be silver and blue/something-other-than-orange... I chose the black one at first because I like the 'w' on it wasn't orange.

I'd thought of changing to a Cybershot phone instead. But they were either too bulky or heavy (lol Yes, I know Hikaru isn't the lightest or smallest one, but still...). So I stick to Hikaru instead. After checking the red Hikaru, I opted for the silver one. Red seemed to be toooo aggressive to me. lol

My first Walkman phone!!! xD

I Love It.

Speakers- Oh gosh! I have a phone that's specially made to play music!!! xD It won't go 'buzz-buzz' when I turn up the volume!!! And the speakers won't be blocked anymore coz it's not placed behind the phone!!

Camera- I know there's no way its 8.1 MP camera can be compared to the cybershot series or my current camera, but it's seriously good enough already.

Screen- Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! It's BIG!!!!!!!!!!! My phone looks like my cam!!!

Buttons- Shortcuts!!! So many buttons!!!! Easy access to entertainment!!!! xD

Alarm- LOL I love the functions!!! I was always complaining about my previous phone's alarm was too loud and not flexible enough!! Now it lets me to control the volume of the sound and snooze duration!!!! Amazing!!

Auto Rotate- Although limited to some only but still nice!!

Wifi- Will have to think of something to make it connect!! Then I can use Way-Finder and Google Navigation!! xD

Mass Storage- 8MB, comes with the phone!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Built-in Stand- Hehehehe!! Can watch movie in the lecture hall!!! (Or maybe I shouldn't... Oh wait, it could be useful during Macro-econs...)

Motion Sensor- Errr... Not much use to me... But will try to make it useful!!

There's still tears though.

Phone Strap- Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Where do I put them???? T.T

And what else eh...?

Hmmm... I think that's all...

Now I need to:

1. Buy a pouch for the phone and ear phones.

2. Get better ear phones!!

3. Make a nice Theme for it!!! The copy-righted themes sux...

4. Anything else will be later!!

Oh and, bye Z610i. My sister will take good care of you~~

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