Thursday, August 20, 2009


Oops. Sorry for making the guys waiting. You know us girls...

Outing with Cleste, KianMin, and Cherng today at 1u!!!

Watched District 9 at 11am!!! Wow, I now know that GSC has lots of advertisements.

Back to D9, it's rated for 18 & above. Why? That's exactly what I was wondering!! But now I know!!! *gasp* If you say G.I.JOE is cool with the zapping guns and awesome movements, D9 is gonna own it with its death scenes. Damn bloody.

At first I kinda despise Wikus, he's foolish, clumsy, and kinda selfish too. Even the prawn alien Christopher seemed more humane... But I'm kinda glad that he redeemed himself in the end. The movie basically showed the true nature of human, greed and cruelty that makes me shiver. The end of the movie was vague, but there's hope and love shown in it, and that makes the movie real, very real.

'I'll be back for you in 3 years, I promise.' Can you deny the beauty of a promise?

No one is perfect, we make mistakes, and that's what makes us human. Life's not a bed of roses, watching too much happy endings makes us numb.

Went strolling around for food later. At first we were lazy and thought of eating at Italiannese. After we went in only did KianMin said he'd prefer Friday. Great. So we told the lady who guide us all the way to the back and walked out of it embarrassingly...

Friday's not cheap. I shared a course meal with Cleste, while the other 2 did the same. KianMin, feeling rich that day ordered a drink for rm8.9 while everyone else ordered plain water. lol *giam siap*

His Green Splash drink. It tasted like apple-flavored F&N. I dislike F&N. xD

While waiting for the food, we decided to 'kacau' William, the London boy who couldn't come due to exams, by flooding him with sms all together. Amusing. Bullying him is so much fun. I know, that's so mean of us.

Cleste and my chicken with mash, egg with cheese, and some veges!!!

KianMin and Cherng's Prawns!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! District 9!!! Will they turn into alien prawns??

He's eating! He's eating! The prawn!! Aaaaaaaahhh noooooo!! Get ready to run!!

We had some sort of Chili's and Friday debate during the meal. Commenting and criticizing on the portion, taste, texture of the food and service of both restaurants. KianMin favours Friday and he's biased towards Chili's. The rest of us thought they're pretty much the same in a way.

But our chicken was hard, so we changed our minds. Chili's is better.

'Mine's ok wor. And they're meant to be hard.' KianMin defended Friday.

'Really? But yours have sauce, ours is dry.' we retorted.

In the end, KianMin finished our chicken, with his sauce.

Chatted for a while before we paid the bill, which was 100+.


Cleste and me only ordered the rm29.90 course meal, the rest belongs to the boys. Amazing, boys really eat a lot and spend more than girls do. Cherng returned home later while the rest of us went Neway for k-session!!

Here we are. 4 hours straight in room No. 10.

Cleste had a sudden urge to sing golden oldies and other old songs and so we tagged along.

'Eh, how come we don't really sing female singers' songs?' Cleste noticed.

So we picked some, and knew why. lol Our voices couldn't keep up with the high pitch!! Male singers' songs are easier to sing, although some part are too low, but still easier than the 'eeeeeeeee-oooooo-*coughs coughs*'.

We sang while camwhoring. Ouch, Cleste's cam is really blinding me.


We need to find a day where William can come. Oh and I need to plan a day with Vincy too!! xD

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