Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm sorry, but the outing for 1u will be delayed, thanks to my oh-so-awesome hem-hem.

Pretty most of you know how he is, with me ranting about his *%(@#! attitude and so on.

I'm not really angry, it's a bit more like I'm scoffing at him.

What is wrong with him?

When I want to go out, I ask him, after planning everything out, otherwise he'll be scolding me for being immature, unorganized, and short-sighted. Fine, so I discussed with my mum first. Ahahahahahaha. Now he's not happy because I didn't discuss with him before. Wtf is this? He expects a half-friend half-****** relationship with me or what?

From my experience, all he ever does was to make fun of me, scold me, slap me, whack me, and what else, lemme think... When I try to talk to him casually, he always give me the high and mighty talk, treating me like a mature aunty instead of an adolescent I am. So you're asking me to grow up? And so I try, I make mistakes, he gives no warning and punishes me as he pleased. Sometimes it was my first time I didn't mean to, he takes them seriously gives me a pleasant lecture that includes whatever he thinks I need.

You want me to open up to him? Unless he changes or else it's over my dead body. If I open up to him, chances that we get along happily is 20%, he gets angry at my ignorance is 20%, he reprimands me for something out-of-topic is 20%, he punishes me for suddenly remembering that I didn't do something as he requested is 20% and he gets worked up due to his ignorance is another 20%.

I rather not take the risk.

So, he blames my mums for not checking my brother's work or doing their tasks effectively. He's got a brain, I just wish he'd use them on them for once. He says they didn't do them correctly, but his instructions are unclear; he says they're not alert enough, while he goes to work for like, not even 9 hours in the office and comes back to nap every night while my mum works an average of 11 hours per day; not alert? Pfffft. Think please.

And they didn't finished their work in time? I wonder why? They're always working, at offices, and at home doing odd things for him, what happens to leisure time? Put him as their first priority? Who is he? He thinks he knows. Sure, he knows, but only the bit he feels like knowing.

Everything is our fault, never his. His bloody egoism. When he noticed he's not so right, he gets all flare up and starts yelling to shut everyone up. What's he's afraid of? Admitting his mistakes? Listening to others? And so he says he loves me. Ok, he loves us. That's true. But in a way that he feels like we're obligated to follow everything he says because he loves and feeds us.

A little freedom, a little face-to-face talk without his ego, planning-mind, and too-matured attitude between us, a little more friendly advice instead of threats and violent, are they too much to ask for?

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