Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gundam 00

Finished Gundam, in like, 4 days.

What do I say? It's nice, it's cool, it's a great anime, if only...


For some reason I heartily dislike Marina. Really. I just find her 'no-I-won't-fight-you-fight-for-me-while-I-pray-for-everyone' attitude irritating... And I mourn for the fact that she didn't die in the end... But that can't be help, I guess. Since it's a war series, there has to be someone who refuse to fight.

The fighting scenes are good, but I wish they'd put in more of the life of the Meisters, it got a bit boring to see them fighting every episode... At least in the first season, we still have Saji and his spoilt girlfriend Loiuse as buffer. When they move on into the second season, everyone started fighting non-stop. Then again, it's a mecha series...

Moving on to the battle field. LOL at everytime when they're losing, something bigger, better, and stronger turns up!!!! Cliche whey. One moment you know they're losing, and you'd predict that something/someone will turn up to save the day (except for the Lockon part, but then, his brother turned up to fill his seat...). Then, is it just me or what... This series seems to lack of pretty girls... lol

The best part of Gundam 00 I like is probably the Kati-'Immortal-Comic-relief-guy' relationship. It's awesome. And ROFL at the end that this most unusual pairing and yet amusing couple got married. Epic.

Some of the music rocks.

Ash Like Snow
Trust You
Unlimited Sky
Daybreak's Bell

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