Saturday, July 11, 2009


Victory again!!!


Will update post.

Maestro versus Bombers from Binary (never heard before...)

This time we had some supporters. They are none other than Amy, SueLing, and Priya.

Very supportive indeed.

Headed there straight after class with our very small crowd of supporters in my car. Had our dinner at the Tesco mamak restaurant. Then we shopped a bit and SueLing finally got rid of her Xmas shoes.

Here's us camwhoring in the toilet, yes toilet (Amy loves to do that for some unknown reason), after we changed our attires.

Did some warming up outside like we did last time, but no balls to practice, apparently the captain was too lazy to bring them...

We've watched the Bombers played before and we're pretty sure that they are tough opponents. I had my hopes down, not wanting to feel the pang of disappointment if we didn't make it... Nevertheless, we kept our spirits high, giving our very best shots.

While waiting for the match to start, I saw Kathrina!! Omg, she's playing for KDU!!!

Oh noooo ah noooo... Next week we'll be playing against them...

The time had arrived at last...

With Priya's butterflies rampaging in our stomachs, we entered the arena with Tze Horng as our spokesperson. The commentator was pretty good that day. But definitely sexist!!!!

'So, Tze Horng, introduce us your best player on the team!!!' 'Well, our best players are number 5 and 11!!'

Wonder who they are? Look no further!!!!!

'Something doesn't look right here... Come on tell us the truth...'

SEXIST!!!He's saying that because we're girls there's no way we could be the best player!!! Tze Horng should shoot him...

And the game started!!

The first match was a disaster, for us. I was the last one again facing three opponents. Dodged quite a number of balls fired past me. In the end got hit by a ball at my head... *ouch*


The second match was better!!! Eliz was in the game. Su Yang and Guna were out first, leaving Aamos, Lucas, Richard and Eliz. But then two players in the court made spectacular saves, sending the shooter out and getting Su Yang and Guna back!! It's 3 versus 6!! Someone (blame SueLing for not catching who was that!!) hit an opponent, Su Yang knock an opponent out, leaving the last opponent facing a full team!!!!! *Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Triple wheeeeeee for Richard (if my eyes didn't fail me) ending the match by shooting the last ball which the opponent tried to catch but failed!!!!

Not only did he failed to catch the ball, his leg was outside of the box!!!!


The third match was depressing... From a 4 to 4 players to 3 Maestros to 1 Bomber, that Raymond (should be how it's spelled), I can't believe we lost... But no doubt, that Raymond guy was good, very good. Just like a certain someone I guess. Anyway, I was the last player again... lol Seems like we lose whenever I'm the last player. Was knocked out when a ball hit my shoulder... What do you expect a girl to do?? Unless a miracle happens like last time, chances of winning with me as the last is slimmer than Amy...


The 4th match. We were damned nervous. We can't afford to lose. As normal, the balls fluttered around the players like blind flies, until we have 4 Maestros facing 2 Bombers. Another round of flutterblies, Guna and one opponent was out for touching the damned line. A few shots passed and we see Richard charging towards the last Bomber right after he attacked Lucas, springing high into the air and slamming the ball at him.

Richard Kamikaze-ing!!

The ball hit the guys abdomen and he tried to catch it. But it recoiled and he was out for good!!!!!!!!


There went Guna. Darting across the court right after our victory.



It's another tie match.

One question was pounding in our minds,

'Will we end up like last time?'

We ignored it. 'We WANT victory,' we screamed in our minds.

Back to reality. Richard was out first (or was that Guna...?), then Su Yang when he failed to grab the ball. 4 Maestros left, there were 5 Bombers. A few moments of silence and the Maestros stayed low, waiting patiently for the Bombers, who had more players, to start the attack.

A girl from Bomber fired (I must say she's very good), we waited for a while again. Lucas started our counter attack by firing a ball and did a matrix when a Bomber grabbed the opportunity. A few more balls flew threateningly across the court. Then Aamos knocked out a Bomber.

It's a 4 versus 4 (You might wanna say it's 3, since I'm pretty useless...).

Both teams took their time to restructure their plans.

Once again, the Bombers started their attack. We waited, the Maestros are collecting balls, lol.

A few more moments passed. The Bomber girl kept moving around the court, distracting us, while the guys analysed the situation cautiously with their breathes held. Like always, the opponent attacked first. Aamos led the counter-attack and the fight begun once more.

Finally one Bomber was knocked out by Lucas, thus 3 Bombers are left. Tension dominated the court. We're thrilled. We can win, but we have to be extremely cautious, for the super guy Raymond is still in.

Lucas launch the attack this time. Followed by a few more shots, Aamos got the Bomber girl. So it's 2 Bombers versus 4 (or 3) Maestros.

By then, every player had a ball in their hands. The tension is definitely growing and suffocating us. Aamos stood near the forbidden line, feigning attack. Naturally, the guy targeted responded.

Lucas broke the ice by firing a ball at Raymond while Guna attacked the other guy instantly. They blocked both balls. The other guy shot a ball at Aamos. As the Bombers retreated, Aamos sprinted forward and shot at Raymond.

He evaded. After Guna sent another ball dashing across the court, we only had 2 balls left. We returned to defend mode and the Bomber attacked us immediately. Right after their attack wave ended, Aamos and Lucas who still had balls took the chance to fire their balls.

Raymond was OUT!!! He stepped on the line!!! XDDDD

'One final enemy left to defeat,' flashed a across our minds.

Without any hesitations, Lucas attacked the last guy. After the Bomber faked an attack, Aamos sent a ball at him and picked up a stray ball right away. After the Bomber guy bounced the ball on the spot for a few times, Aamos launched his attack, followed by Lucas who feigned another attack.

I was out when the guy shot a ball at me. Without delay, Guna went Kamikaze at the guy. Bomber guy (for some unknown reason) did a pirouette and missed the ball. Guna was out, but Bomber guy crossed the line. Funny thing I noticed, black people likes to do pirouette when dodging...

Guna Kamikaze-ing. Boys love flashy stunts.

He's on the line!!!!

None of us on the court know that, we're focusing on Aamos who fired a ball at him after Guna's attack at once, which brushed his shirt at the side.


We screamed.

But the referee pay no attention to us, nor to the Bombers. Instead, they gathered, formed a circle, and started whispering among themselves. The camera man rushed across the court with his bulky high-tech camera on his shoulder.

Building up our anticipation. Priya had butterflies hippo-dancing in her stomach. It was a killing moment.

And worse, they didn't reveal the result right away. Grrrrrrrrr...

Until a referee told us the Bomber guy was out, we were like possessed people crazed to know the result.


Aamos slammed the ball hard onto the floor, its sound muffled by the Maestros' screams of joy after we recover from the paralysing thought of triumph.

Our second victory
. It meant a lot to us, who were once noobs.

The Bombers are strong, but they underestimated us. Priya pointed out that a guy went 'Woooohooo!' even when a ball they shot didn't even hit us. Let's just hope all our opponents in the future are noobs.

Next game, versus KDU (uh-oh... I'll be facing Kathrina...).

I swear,
I'll bring my tripod for the next game.
I really, really can't stand the lousy quality.

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