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Victory is in the air!!!!! The Maestros prevails!!!!!!!

about time too...

Let's see our progress...

1st game, 3-0.

4 guys, no girls at all, they had to import a female player from other teams. Totally thrashed in less than 5 minutes.

2nd game, 3-0.

Eliz and I were in. More players, but still lost in around 5 minutes.

3rd game, 3-1.

I wasn't in, Eliz was there. Won the third match and lasted longer!

4th game, 3-2.

I was back, switching with Eliz throughout the game. Lost first 2 matches, but started winning for 2 freaking matches but lost at the final match.

5th game, 1-3.

Our very first victory!!!

Seeing that we were definitely making a lot of progress after each game. We were determined not to let the impulse of outdoing our previous game die out. And we are!!!

We came earlier. Although I said 'earlier', we were just earlier than usual, the boys arrived waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay earlier than Eliz, Su Yang and I did. Mr. Pay was our driver, our very devoted driver as usual, and as usual, he was late. But we were contented with him fetching us there so no one complained anyway.

We gathered with the rest who arrived earlier in Cineleisure and moved outside to the grounds to start warming up. Like always, we're not ourselves if we don't fool around.

Did some running, stretching and we started on the ball. Throwing, catching, and not missing fooling. We girls practised catching with Guna since we can't really shoot the ball .

I got hit squarely by the ball in face for the first time in my reasonably short life.*ouch* Whereas the boys were basically playing with the balls, occasionally throwing a few serious balls. But most of the time they were just cursing each other and chasing stray balls.

Once in a while a ball would fly straight into the garden patch beside the fence. To get it one would have to walk around the garden to find an opening where there's no thorny bushes around. More often, the balls would just rolled away in top speed towards the road as the ground was slightly slanted, Marcus and Su Yang were always the one chasing the ball down the pavement.

When time's up, we scurried into the hall, waiting for our turn as we watched the players in the court battling.

At last, the time has come for us to welcome our triumph.

Maestros from Metro versus Hyperblades from HELP. (No hard feelings, HELPers)

Su Yang was our spokesperson, Eliz our camera girl. I played for the first match.

Our opponent was very well-built, according to Aamos, they are water ball players... In addition, one is his friend. That guy even asked Aamos who is our strongest player in the team in order to defeat the best player as soon as possible. But no one is stupid enough to give away any sort of confidential info like that right??

That's Guna and Lucas.

Aamos was following his strategy. It went pretty smooth. Lucas sent a shot that narrowly missed the girl, she was looking away and must had got quite a shock seeing the ball speeding passed her face.

Not trying to be mean here, but one glance at our opponents and I had some kind of feeling that they are noobs like we once were. They had good shots, but they didn't have any sort of good strategy. The match ended in less than one minute. Amazing.


Still having Su Yang as spokesperson, I became the camera girl and Eliz was in.

Su Yang, our spokesperson was indeed very motivating, he kept reminding the free dinner Aamos promised us once we win... LOL

This match, ended pretty fast too. To be exact, in around 1 minute and 28 seconds. Nothing much to be mentioned, except the climax of the match at the end. One opponent was left while our team still had around 5 players (almost full team!!) on court.

With Su Yang urging them to Kamikaze, Richard dashed across the court, leaped into the air crossing the forbidden line and fired a killer ball which ultimately defeated our opponent!! The unlucky opponent got hit in the face squarely... *double ouch*

Kamikaze!!!!!! (The jumping guy with a ball in his right hand, look for the yellow jersey...)


Then I was in for the third match, Brian was our spokesperson that time, and Eliz camera girl.

By that time, our hearts were all dancing to the intro of the melody of of victory. We were so excited and nervous.

'Is this true??'

'Are we winning?'

'I can't believe it!!'

'After all the bad luck... Nike is finally beaming at us~~~~~'

The game lasted for only 51 seconds.

Lucas was the last player in the court after I was out. He lasted for some time, but was eventually out when a ball brushed his sleeve...


Guess we were too rash back then, probably drowning in excessive hope and anticipation.

We lost.

But never mind, we can do it!!! That's what we believe. After all, it's just another ball. We're still leading!!!!!

We can do it!!!

Regaining our fighting spirit, we entered the court once again with snarling determination to win.

Our runners, Guna, Richard and Aamos, aka Datuk Lai. And that's Lucas, Marcus (look at his hair), and me.

Can't tell you how long it lasted, because Eliz decided to screw up our winning video. Oh and yes, WE WON THAT MATCH, putting a full-stop to that game!!!!!!!!!!!

Su Yang, Richard and Guna caught some balls, sending the shooters out, while the rest were knock out one by one!!!

We were so freaking happy!!! Big, shiny, beaming smiles spread across all our faces!! We were jumping and screaming, oblivious to the crowds.

Eliz and Aamos were sent to the interview crews for interview session upon their request. Later, the boys (except Su Yang and Lucas) went to tuck away the soft balls they bought for training and their belongings in their cars. So we waited around that area.

Here's Lucas posing, sleeping on the bench. Apparently he was having a light fever. But he can still play very well!!! I'm so impressed!!!


Doesn't look right. But no fear, for they both belong to someone. XD Lucas to his gf, Eliz to her Marcus~~

Guess whose bum...

The boys came back. Walking to the mamak stall to celebrate, you can see how happy and proud Aamos was, and probably is. He's still wearing his hideous jersey and wouldn't take off.

At the mamak stall. Aamos treated the whole team two roti tissues and drinks. Way to go Aamos!!! Lol, ok, so I shouldn't order orange juice at a mamak, but who cares?? I like orange juice!!!!

I must say, Lucas looks good with Eliz's hand bag... XD

Another game tomorrow night. We're getting better, our skills chasing up to the better than average standard. Some more we have some really strong people in our team!!!

Tomorrow will be against Binary. Let's hope we'll win!!



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