Friday, July 24, 2009


The computer illiterates really amaze me.

Case 1: ZIP

'I never know you can compress files...'

Case 2: Powerpoint

'I don't know how to do Powerpoint slides...'

Case 3: Microsoft Excel

'Master!!!! Help!!!'
'The pie chart, how come there's nothing?? Only a line in the middle??'
'Lemme see... Where's your data?'
'Data, oh it's here!!'
*hands out papers*
'You need to key in the data la...'

Case 4: Microsoft Word

'Je Hui!!!!! HELP!!'
'This one, how do you delete??'
*points at the extra rows of the table on the screen*
-Amy & Lizzie-

Case 5: Microsoft Word

'WHAT is this...?'
*stares at the number page on the screen with horror*
'You typed all of them out??!!'
'Yeah. Amy and I did it just now.'
'I edited the whole report, all the numbers are out of place... Now I have to delete them...'
'Huh~~ Then have to retype...'
'There's an easier way...'
*deletes messed-up numbers*
-Amy & Lizzie-


I just can't help myself.

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