Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pink Power

Loooooooooong post ahead.
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'你还没走啊?' My grandma asked.
'嗯...' "Hmmm... where's Lucas..."

*Phone rings*

'Je Hui come out now!!! We're outside now!!'
'Coming coming!!'

Waving goodbye to my sister and slipping my shoes on, I half-hopped and half-ran into Lucas' car, with those lover birds calling 'Slow down, no need to rush...'

Right, no need to rush.

That is, until someone informed us that the game started earlier than scheduled.

There went Lucas, cursing the drivers in front of us.

'Ah no Lucas!! Car CAR!! Careful!!! Eeeeeeeeeeekkk!!'
And that's Lizzie hugging her bag, shrieking while Lucas drove dangerously.

That's Lucas, again. His hands tapped the steering while he stared at the traffic light, frustrated.

Finally, the bloody apple turned green and Lucas squeezed his car into the gap he could find while the car behind horned at him.

Gradually, we escaped the fruit jam and the small car was running swiftly on the highway, dodging and overtaking other cars. Inside the car, Lizzie and I were looking at the clock, counting seconds, warming up our hands as much as we could and preparing to get out of the car once we arrive.

At last, Lucas stopped his car near the entrance.

We hopped off his car and sprang across the well-maintained lawn like a pair of big, yellow flying squirrels. Ignoring the stares of the customers eating outside of Tony Roma's, we shot passed them, our over-sized sunflower-coloured jerseys flapping in the wind.

Our jaws plunged to the ground with a loud 'clank' before we could catch them, or maybe we never thought of catching them at all. Everyone was waiting on the 1st floor, watching the second match, no wait, the second match haven't even started, the court was used to promote Crocs products. A mini game was held and Crocs was giving out free shoes to the winner...

'What did we ran for?' We asked, still out of breath.

'Better early than late,' said Guna.

'Right... Then what are we doing here...?'

*looks at Marcus, seizes camera, and snaps*

Very big boobs indeed. I've been waiting to catch him in this.

Sexual harassment??

The second game didn't start until another half an hour had passed. It was Hyenas from Taylors' versus Mitan.

The game was really violent. Took a video of it, hopefully it'll help us in defeating them... Awkward leh... Jun Hsien, Zhen Ming, and Jerard are on the team...

After the long wait, our match finally begun.

It was lousy... We were out in 2 minutes... I was the last one, and out after I failed to catch a ball... I think the guys need to give us more ball-catching practice...


But second game was better!! We lasted for more than 5 minutes. Guna was the first one to be out... *if only Su Yang caught that ball in time...* It was pretty dangerous, especially when a ball went flying passed just inches from my head, I wasn't even on the court!!!

5 Maestros against 6 Devil Dukes.

In another moment, Aamos was out when the opponent caught his ball. Later, Lucas was knocked out. Then, Richard caught a ball, and Guna was back and killed a guy instantly, then Richard murdered the girl. But right after that, Su Yang was out when he tried to catch a ball but failed.

3 against 3.

Richard, Guna, and Elizabeth were left. However, Guna caught a ball!! And Aamos was revived!!! Pretty much of the time was gone when both teams waited for each other to start the attack, until the time limit's up and we were forced to start the attack with one of the two balls we had. The opponent counter-attacked, but Guna fired a ball at the pink shirt guy when he showed an opening.But Richard caught the ball pink shirt guy shot and Lucas was resurrected!!

5 against 1!!

Both teams share the same strategy: we wait.

Everyone on the court had a ball, except for Lizzie, a ball for her was lying alone near the line...

Ready!!! SHOOT!!!

After a torrent of flying balls towards the last opponent form the Maestros, we ended the game, with victory!!!



We lasted at least 6 minutes for third third game. Everyone kept their guard high and proceeded with precaution. Both teams got their balls, but no one dare to start the attack. The wait was horrible, threatening glares bounced everywhere, sweat droplets sneaked silently down our back, and the crowds stayed mute as they watched silently.

The marshals urged us to attack, stressing the already tense situation to its limit. Everyone waited until we could wait no longer, so Aamos signalled Guna to launch the attack, in desperation to end the driving-us-crazy chapter.

But the opponent remained still, and without a doubt, swallowed our ball, leaving us with two balls only. They feigned some attacks, but they weren't keen to give their balls away so soon. When they finally started their attack, Aamos counter-attacked instantly. The target backed off and blocked the ball, without any hesitation, he fired the ball at Aamos, and killed him.

As the crowds were cheering at that guy's victory, Richard fired a ball at an opponent hoping to catch him off-guard. The orange shirt guy didn't waste any time and ambushed Richard. But Richard turned around hastily and saw the ball flying towards him.

I see you!!!!

He caught the ball by reflex and the orange shirt guy was out while Aamos was back!! Not wasting anytime, Richard threw the ball he just caught at the opponent but missed while Aamos re-entered the battle and quickly grabbed a stray ball and attacked the guy who 'murdered' him once.

The flow of flying balls confused the marshals and they paused the game, formed a circle, and started whispering among themselves, leaving dear Lizzie questioning Marcus 'what happened?' again and again.

The marshal stopping the game as they need to clear something...

When the confusion was cleared, it was ball-down time and we had to sort of 're-start' the match from where we left. It was, another freaking loooooooooooooooooooooooong wait we had to endured. Richard broke the ice by firing a ball towards an opponent, which to our delight, killed him.

6 Maestros with 2 balls against 4 Devil Dukes with 4 balls.

Not a friendly situation. Until the tall guy shot a ball at us did we counter-attacked with a shot. The next shot from the opponent killed Lucas. After a few balls switched owners, we're left with two balls, again.

After some freaking moments again, the Devil Dukes placed themselves in a defensive position at both corners of their side. They broke their formation as they decided to start attacking, Guna took the opportunity to attacked the girl but didn't hit her.

The opponent launched a torrent of balls at us in a sudden, but we safely evaded all of them. Then both teams took their time to restructure their formations. The tall guy attacked first, Richard dashed forward in attempt to attack him but backed off swiftly after thinking twice. As the tall guy attacked us again, Aamos and Richard sent their balls speeding towards him at the same moment. He caught Aamos' ball but couldn't evade Richard's, he and Aamos were out but Orange guy was back.

In and Out.

4 (Richard, Guna, Su Yang and me) Maestros versus 4 Devil Dukes. A few more rounds of ball-throwing took place and Richard knocked out a guy who attacked us (him and me, who was behind him).

Yes!!!! OUT!

Another Duke down. 3 more to go. We waited for a bit, then Guna and Richard threw some balls, *with a glee*, Richard knocked out the girl. 2 left, but they have 5 balls... They started the attack as they had more balls, but Su Yang *YAY* successfully caught a ball and sent the thrower out!!! Lucas was back on the field!!!


1 left. That guy hid at the corner in a squatting position with two balls in his hands. A few rounds of raining-balls passed and that guy ended up with 4 balls.

There's Richard staring at that guy, who was hiding at the corner.

He shot some balls, we did the same, it was a long winded nightmare we wanted to end that badly. At last, Guna caught the ball he fired at him and we won the third game!!!


The fourth game ended faster, it only lasted around 3 minutes. We were exhilarated, one more victory and we'll win the match. This time, we started the attack. The opponent didn't hold back and counter-attacked instantly. Richard tried to catch a ball fired by an opponent but it bounced off his hands and hit the ground, he was out.

5 Maestros facing a full team of Devil Duke.

It was a fierce fight. We were a bit restless while the enemies were highly alert. After a few more feign attacks and flying balls passed by, Aamos was knocked out, once again, before he could return to defend position after firing a ball. Leaving Lucas, Guna, Su Yang, and Lizzie. Then balls down once more for some unknown reason.

Waiting for the marshal's cue...

Immediately when the game restarted, Guna fired his ball towards the opponent but missed. Then, in a few seconds of ball-rain, Lucas was out.

3 Maestros versus 6 Devils... *Eeeeeeeeeeekk!!*

What happened next went pretty fast. Guna shot, Su Yang dodged, and they were out. Last survivor, Lizzie. Very unfavourable situation indeed. We cheered for her, hoping she can catch a ball. But the moment the balls rained on her she was out.


The last game at last. Once again, both teams waited patiently, eyeing every movements of the opponents. Finally, time's up, instead of wasting their balls by rolling it to us, the Devils started attacking.

We're not sitting ducks waiting to be killed. We blocked and dodged their balls. Once they're low on ammo, Aamos shot his ball, followed by Guna, who succeed in killing a guy.


6 Maestros against 5 Devil Duke

Both teams gave a few more shots, players threw and retreated swiftly and cautiously. Sadly, there weren't any casualties for both teams, until Guna knocked out a guy followed by Richard who knocked out the girl in less then 10 seconds. As the opponent still haven't recover from the shock of losing 2 players in 10 seconds, Guna fired a ball at the guy in the middle and killed him!!!

6 Maestros versus 2 Devil Duke!!

The remaining 2 took refuge in the corner, both with a ball in their hands, and one more in the other hand.

Having too many balls but not using them at all doesn't help them in any way. In a few moments, they tried their luck by shooting at us. We evaded all of their attacks and returned the favour back to them.

The game ended in around 5 minutes, with us glowing triumphantly over our fourth (yes, fourth, sorry but I didn't have the time to blog about our third victory) victory.

We, the girls on the team believe, or wish to believe that our pink shirts brought us luck.


Lizzie and I wore pink for the first victory. To honour the colour the night where we claimed our very first triumph, I wore pink again for the following match, which we conquered the court. Hoping it would bring us luck, I wore the same shirt for the first victory on the next match. Another success.

So Lizzie and I decided to wear pink together for this match, which we won!!!!! It was a really gruesome match indeed. The Devil Dukes has 5 victories (we only had 3 back then) and rank higher (heeh, they're still on top of us at a distant land) than us.

Tonight we'll be facing Tigers from Unity International College (never heard before...). They're just one rank above us, had Guna didn't slammed the ball when we won the match, we would be enjoying the same ranking with the Tigers...

It's gonna be exciting.
The boys are very excited.
They don't want to stop winning.
We want to keep the momentum alive.

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