Sunday, June 7, 2009

Puppy Love!

They've been here for at least... *racks brain*


Just say since 16th of May.

Introducing Muffin and Popcorn. The evil puppies!!!!!!!

My dad named them 'Fifi' and 'Fefe'. But what kind of name is that??!! Secretly, we called them Popcorn and Muffin.

Both of them are female.

The white one is Popcorn, because it's white. Full name in Chinese is 爆米花,nicknamed 阿爆!! XD

The brown one is Muffin, in Chinese, 麦片!!

This evil pup loves to bully Popcorn. We have to traumatise it for doing that... Then she won't repeat it... Hohohoho...

And here's the infamous 小黄 (Xiao Huang), naive-and-always-bullied Popcron and the mighty-who-needs-a-whack-Muffin!!

Xiao Huang wasn't happy to see them, and he is still not, I suppose. Though, he seemed to have got used to them already...

Popcorn, smaller in size wasn't very cuddly. She refuses to lay still to let us cuddle her. Unlike Muffin.

It's just difficult to keep Popcorn snowy white. She'd just roll everywhere after bath and turn all sooty black again...

I'm training them to 'sit' and 'come'.

I'm thinking of training them to become pop dogs...

It's possible right...? XD

It's been so long since we had massive hole problem. Not to mention broken pots plus fly-away plants and scattered soil.

Spread the puppy love!!!!!!!!!

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