Friday, June 5, 2009

Another turns 18

I know it's late.


We sang happy birthday to her in the lecture hall, when it's almost empty after the AL batch left.

It was rather empty, but Voon blushed like a ripe tomato on fire and 'spin' on the spot looking for a hole to hide.

Pffftt. She was so cute~~ LOL

Will start working on the new art an inspiration just knock me over, that is, when I can find time...

Heeh. I'm losing my inspirations lately.
My room is still in a awful mess.
Must be due to the stress.
I'm so lost right now.

Anyway... I went to Marco's Pizza twice. First time with Vincy and WanHui. Second time with Eliz.

The bacon pizza was pretty hard. I can almost hear my teeth crumbling when I muster my strength to chew the bacons on the pizza.

Here's the cheesy pizza~~

Next, I pray that you are not eating or drinking, I don't want you to choke or to drown you poor computer/laptop.

My abdomen is still aching from the workout last night for my dance class.

Looking at this photo made the pain ten times worse.

I'm laughing and moaning at the same time.

Knowing that Elizabeth will probably bash me with her tupperware if I were to post the original photo...

I edited a bit.

Though, I think she'll bash me up anyway...

Sadly, she's so much more prettier in the original photo...

Eli ze sakai mutilating the sad pizza.

For this particular moment, Eliz forgets who I am.

I certainly hope so.

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