Monday, June 15, 2009


So it's been another busy week. It just passed so fast.

It's like you enjoy dancing in the ballroom so much that you didn't notice the hands of the clock sneaking their way to 12.

By the time you're back to reality, you realize that one of your glass shoe is missing in the past.

Planning a surprise is very exciting.

I absolutely love that.

Happy Birthday to Pornya Priya. And to Karyn, whose birthday was weeks ago...

It was tiring.

Running up and down, racking our brains, panicking over Cer's unusual and obvious act, whispering among ourselves and signalling each other with every type of communication channel we could use.

We kept changing our plan. I love our final plan, we double-crossed the birthday girls!!

Morning arrived early that day. Eliz and Amy spoilt the plan a bit by saying Happy Birthday to Priya. All I could do was to pretend that I totally forgot about it and offered her a luxurious nail painting session, which she denied, sadly. Later on, BCM started and I told Priya to sit between me and Karyn so that I could draw her card.

Priya's POV: We're celebrating Karyn's Birthday. Not mine.

Whenever Priya was out of earshot, Karyn would join in to discuss about the plan.

Karyn's POV: We'll be surprising Priya!! Hehe!

When both are out of earshot, we discussed about the whole plan.

The end result was:

I asked Priya to take Karyn to the lady's after BCM lecture so we could prepare her Lollipop plushie. Then, I asked Karyn to take Priya to the lady's so we could prepare her Bear.

Priya's POV:I'll have to keep Karyn in the toilet until they're ready.
Karyn's POV: I'll have to keep Priya in the toilet until they're ready.

And so, after the lecture ended, I lied that my camera was in my car and I'd have to hop down to grab it while Cer decided to tag along. By the time we got the presents, Karyn and Priya were in the toilet brainstorming to keep each other in the toilet. Along with them were Annie and Eliz, to make sure they don't come out.

I don't suppose that was hard, as both parties wanted to loiter in the toilet so much that there's simply no need for our accomplices to keep them in. XD

I wish I was there to watch the fun...

So the boys in class fumbled to set up the muffins we used as cakes, cleared the tables, and so on. The candles were lit and Cer ran out to call the toilet dwellers. But Tze Horng freaked out everyone when he put out the candles as he feared that the candles are goners by the time everyone arrive.

So we had to stop them coming before Jiri lit the candles again.

*screams, squeals, shrieks, cries*

Eliz: Oooohhh!! Nooooooo!! Wait Priya!!! I drop something!!!
Priya: What? Where?
Eliz: In the toilet!! It's my..... my PHONE!!

And there went Eliz yelling that she drop her phone in the toilet and stormed everyone back to look for it. Clearly, that wasn't a very good excuse... LOL

*screams, squeals, shrieks, cries*

And there went Cer and I shouting at the top of our voice that whatever she's looking for was in class. Everyone scurried in to their places and burst into a birthday chorus when Priya entered the classroom.

She squealed in astonishment. Seems like she didn't suspect anything at all... Evern with Cer's pretty obvious behaviour such as yelling to people who aren't in her group that her group is having a meeting in the library and etc... ROFL

Then she blew the candles, probably wishing that David would kiss her... Then, we pop up another song for Karyn, which surprised her as well... And we stuffed the Lollipop into her mouth.

So much for a morning.

Went to Sunway to watch 17 Again after all the birthday hassle ended...

17 Again is pretty enjoyable. Though, I would prefer to sit somewhere higher so I wouldn't have to strained my neck...

Camwhoring in Marks & Spencer... LOL

And so much for a day.

And here's a Sakai in a car!!! XD

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