Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rainbow Puffs!!!!!

They're done!!!!!!!

All the girls from my AK batch, excluding me, the white puff!!!! Yes white!! I'm the creator!!! Wheeeee~~

Let's talk about my designs!!! Ok, They're very much PPG, which was what I drew before I started my Rainbow Puffs!!

My favourite puff?

I don't know!!!! Each are so unique and cute!!! Ok, so maybe I like myself the most, but it's not there!!!

Following the rainbow colours...

Sue Ling got that Bling look. *Covers eyes from the bling*
Cer has got no eyes and a Sora-pumpkin on her head!!!
Chelsia's (Xiao Huang) bone is so cool~
Amy has the tiny-fragile-Amy look!!
Eliz has the most unique design!! HER EYES!!!!!!!!! LOL Oh yes she looks like that!!
HuiVoon has the tranquil aura with a donut that sweetens her hair.
Annie got the Annie-look and a shiny sparkle only a genius has!
JheYee is the most-look-alike design so far!! I love the 'Ghiblis' on her head!!
Jane really look like a hamster!!!
Priya's the only one who has curly hair!!
Karyn is so adorable with her (^v^) look!
Eloise and her peachy colour is so lovely~~

Wahahaha!! Drew them during Accounts!!! Ah yes, I'm bad for drawing when Ms. Dorothy is lecturing...

Now I need to focus on my Monochrome Ruffs!!

Gyaaaaaa!! I made a blunder....

Not forgetting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSIA (XIAO HUANG), my sand puff!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHAI YUEN (Jie Jie!)!!


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