Sunday, May 31, 2009

Perth - Crap

Right. Continue from the zoo. We left the zoo around 3.15pm. Seeing that we still had time, we visited another mall, call Harbour-something-something...

Did some shopping at their hypermarket, bought more 'foods'. Oh yeah, we're food people!!! First time in my life I had a Lamington. Now I know what is a lamington... lol It's sponge cake coated with coconut flake and chocolate!!

Then we walked around the mall and 'tried' to shop a bit. I said tried. We have to try, things there (most) are quite expensive... If you don't try to buy, you can't afford... lol

Then we came across the St. John mini exhibition. Cleste!! You need to know more about it!!!

Showing the old, and the modern.

More antique uniforms...

Left the mall at 5, and that's pretty much what we did on that day.

Next morning, we woke up earlier (around 15 minutes earlier... XD). We're going to Fremantle market!!!

Checked the map, took the freeway, used the highway and we're there! Had a bit of problem parking our car... Couldn't really find the market, in the end we park at William Street!

Yes, the 'London Boy' Street!

Here's our car, again! :3

The street view at Fremantle.

And more...

Don't you love the sky?? So pretty-ly blue!!

And more street!!

Finally we found Fremantle market!!!!

Oops. Forgot to snap some photos in the market itself... But here's some marshmallows for you!!! (Egg marshmallows!! Elizabeth, what are your eye balls doing here!!!??)

Aren't they supposed to be there??!! *points upward*

French crap crepe, they pronounce it as 'crap'.!! So when you say you want to eat... It's 'I want to eat crap'.

I had a strawberry ice-cream crepe, my mum had a cheesy mushroom crepe.

Finger-licking good. Though, we didn't lick ours...

They had quite some interesting things there. Like the cap-opener key chains, really expensive accessories clothes caps, food stall, cds, magnets,

Moving deeper into the market... We have mutated vege and fruits!!!!

And if you're there, you'll see our eyes scanning every price tag for strawberries!!! Oh yes, strawberries!!! I just can't get enough of them!!

Look at the size of their greens...

More huge mushrooms!!!

And there's my mum looking at cheap fruit to buy.

We bought two boxes of strawberries, a shirt for my bro, bags of keychains (for some people)... Hmmm.. Anything else? No I guess...

Headed back to Perth, Adelaide Therese to return our car around 2.

And bye bye car keys...

Stranded Without our car, we took our time walking to the bus stop, which was pretty far...

Shop a bit at the streets, discovered more fascinating things around.

Here's the gasoline bus, I think it is. Long, right? Wonder how it turns...

Saw this man outside some tall, important looking building. Seemed to be some kind of host of the News network...

Best thing comes last!!!

An Excalibur Sword for sale at just 395$!!!!!!! Your choice of colour too!!!!
Hahahahahahahaha!!! ROFL!!!!
Saber where are you?? I got your sword!!!!

And there's Lancelot too!!! Though, I didn't know Lancelot is a sword... Or was it named after him... And it's more expensive than the king's sword!!!

They have more!!!! So that's how Robin Hood's sword look like!!!

The Australian bus was on time, unlike our bus system... *pukes* Though, the ticket fee was rather expensive... Everything there were expensive!!!!!!!!!!

Will stop at here. Estimated two more posts on Perth. Till then.

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