Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perth - Ice Cream

Continuing from our trip to Curtin. Right after we got out of Curtin, we took a bus to Adelaide Terrace, and this was what I found in a shop.

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Hazel Nut Ice Cream Roll!!!!!

It still look the same as it was before it went extinct in Malaysia!!

Chocolate coating, vanilla filling and hazel nut ice-cream in the middle of the vanilla, like a sushi!!

Oh how I miss it!!!! I could still remember how I used to buy this ice-cream at Mobil Mart, like years, and years ago!!

Can you imagine how delight I was when I saw this through the glass cover?!?!

But, urgh, it's expensive... Like RM3++... But every cent spent is worth!! XDD

While still eating my ice-cream, we crossed the street to Bays Water, a place that's said to be they have the lowest car rental rate in the small place of Perth.

And we got this one!!

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Our temporary car!!

We checked the car, and hopped into it, cruising through the city looking for a way back. We got seriously lost in no time...

No GPS, no decent map (all we had was a bus route map and a small map from a tourist handbook). We ended up somewhere near our 'home', but still lost.

In the end, my mum spent 30$ (30x2.5=RM75++ *OUCH*) for a map.

Home sweet home...

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You can't try this at home doesn't mean you should do this in the park.

Back there, we took Augustin and Anthony to the park right across the street.

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Really not advisable to do...

Dare-devil, Augustin, wait till your father sees this...

Ohohoho... He won't be happy.

The sand at the park was really really fine and so soft. It feels like stepping onto a fluffy carpet!! and the magnet gate at the park was tricky!! I didn't know how to open it until Augustin unlocked it for me!!

Next morning, we went shopping!!! Went to Chinatown to buy some groceries with Shirley and Anthony!!!

(Augustin that brilliant genius knocked us up just to introduce his friends, Liam to us, ingenius... And then he got lost with him...)

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This is Chubby Anthony!! Chubby Chubby Chubby!!!!! So Chubby!!!!

He's soooooooo adorable!!! I love his chubby cheeks!!!

He's growing (oh yes, he grows them!!) teeth, so he's been (and is still) drooling all the time!!

After we got back, my mum and I went out on our own to Meyers (pronounce as My-ers at there)

With the map in my hands, we didn't get lost~~ XD (Well, if we did, I might as well smack myself...)

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The stretching long freeway!

The roads and streets in Perth is just so well-organized!! Straight until the very end with clear road signs. Unlike sini, road 16 could lead you to road 90... Before you know, you're lost. The only catch is, the road signs need to be bigger...

We reached Meyers and parked our car in the car park. At Perth, some car parks are free, in that given time. You can see signs everywhere telling you how long you can park your car there (you need to move it right away once your time is up) and the parking fee (some are totally free).

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