Saturday, April 4, 2009

Table of Wonder

'Is this meant for us to drink?'

'No, Je Hui, it's not. Don't drink.'



It was the night. The cancellation installation for the Circle-K.

It started off dead boringly.


I drove Eliz to college!!!!!

Ok, so my mum was with me. My sis was there. An innocent live, Eliz was there too.

In total, my hands, the string that pulls the steering holds the lives of 5.

We arrived there, unscathed, unscratched, unharmed, unhurt, uninjured, still in a piece. And most importantly, alive.

So, continue with the installation. We arrived in 20 minutes. Fast? *lol*

We registered and got our 'goodies', Top Gear magazine anyone?

And then, we wondered as we stared at the tables, they were numbered. So, which for us? We asked a girl, she didn't know and walked away. We continued to glared at them. Then, a guy came over.

We told that guy that we're the UFPs. And he said, 'Oh, yours' the red table.' Eliz with her humongous eyes, looked around, finding the red table. Whereas I, immediately glanced at the sad-looking 'red' tables beside in dismay.

'That's so sad!!' Eliz blurted out instantly when she realized which table, leaving that guy kinda embarrassed.

We sat down, Amy and Priya arrived. We read the booklets the committee gave us.

Induction for new members

We stared at it. New members?

Are we?

Flipping the pages, Annie Tan caught my eyes.

Isn't that Annie's name.....? Omg, I saw mine.

Wait, are we suppose to do something? In front of the guests? I hope not. If we do have to, can I hide in the ladies? I asked and repeated many times.

Later, the guy before informed us that our table have been upgraded to Table 7. We moved there instantly, our faces shining gleefully.

Annie arrived, we were nearly starved (due to lack of entertainment) to death. Annie brain-stormed and suggested we cabut to Sunway Pyramid. But we decided to wait till we went through the induction first, then we flee.

So we waited. Finally it started. When the induction was over, we discovered that we're so vulnerable as,

our table was, right. in. front. of. the. podium.

We cracked our skulls. How are we going to flee? If we're sitting at the side, we could leave quietly and no one would ever notice. And we groaned about the position of the table.

But, it started to storm, pouring furs and paws. And Annie thought this installation is turning into a cancellation.

Looking at the concourse, we were mesmerized by the misty scene, not.

Obviously, god doesn't allows us to cabut.

Our feelings toward the table took a U-turn.

'I'm glad we had this table. Or else we're wet.' Everyone say.

As the perfomances started, 'I'm so happy we're sitting here, or else we won't be able to watch clearly.' Everyone think.

We love you not. We love you. We love you not. We love you. Yes, we love the our table.

The dinner was nice. Rendang chicken, vege curry, veggies, rice, Tom Yam meehoon, soya puddings, fruit and so on.

Annie left early. Leaving us, brain-storming behind her back that what, would we do, if Annie won the lucky draw.

'Amy can pretend to be Annie. You can just say you heard 'Amy'.' Said I.

'Yeah, and if Amy Chong was called, I'll go in your place.' Said Eliz.

With most of our assignments settled and ignoring the fact that the final is lurking at the corner, it feels like we have the world behind our backs. Fooling around is what we do, and love best.

We left at 9, with Eliz's dad driving us back, safely.

And yeah, updating my college family tree, Annie is my sister-in-law-no.2. Need to inform Cer. Romeo about her new family member.

Quote of the Post
"Can I hide in the toilet?"
by yours truly

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