Sunday, April 5, 2009


I believe, I have the privilege of posting this.
Afterall, my aunt take a cab out just to look for it.
AND, it's the last one.

Guess which is the reflection? It's pretty easy you know... Use a bit of common sense and... XD

Went Qing Ming today. Very tired. Still,

Behold!! FMA Brotherhood is here!!! Featuring Armstrong traumatizing the kiddos!!!
I'm just so happy that they re-make it!! Well, not exactly a re-make, but another version that follows the manga plot.

Look at the chibi getting angry!! LOL

The OP 'Again' was sung by YUI. Simply awesome. I'll change my music once I got hold of it!!!! The OP scene was pretty good, especially the battling scene. I love the scene where Ed was dashing and the transmutation effect appears like water ripples.

Better still, Animax's gonna broadcast it on every Friday, 8.30pm. Watch it people. WATCH IT!!

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