Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Family Tree

The reality, I have a family at home.

My fantasy, I have a family from my high school.

Cherng- my dad
Wei Fen- my mum
Wen Leong - my uncle who has an unusual relationship with my dad
Lee Ling- my aunt

Continuing the fantasy, I also have one in College.

The whole family (currently) is homosexual.

Jiri- Grandfather
Shan Qi- Grandmother
Jhe Yee- Father
Hui Voon- Mother
Jane- Aunt and hamster
Sue Ling- Uncle
Priya- Aunt-in-law (married to Sue Ling)
Eloise- Brother
Karyn- Sister
Elizabeth- Cousin (Daughter of Sue Ling)
Josephine- Distant cousin
Cerlyn- my Husband
Amy- Sister-in-law
Chelsia- Xiao Huang

Just ignore the part that makes no sense.

Su Yang actually believed me when I told him that Eliz is my cousin... lol

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