Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perth - Life

That's our plane.

After 5 and a half hours, we arrived at Perth. The airport was, um quite small compare to KLIA... lol

The customs was very tiring... They checked this and that, asked this and that... Very troublesome...

And here's, my mum~~

And my distant cousin came to fetch us.

The scenery outside of the airport. That should be the control tower, should be.

Monopoly, the modern edition. With credit cards and an ATM like machine. No more fuss counting the paper.

I played with Augustin, as, there was nothing else to do. Annetta was on the net, and I've never played the new Monopoly before.

But later, we visited King's Park. It was huge!!! And here's some, or two photos I took from there.

That shiny thing in the middle, is the Eye of Australia. Puny, compare to others. LOL

The city of Perth. Night view. Shiny...

This is my... My mum's cousin's son, who is my distant cousin's son, who is also my 'nephew', Augustin.

This guy here, loves instant noodle. And I taught him how to use the time-consuming microwave to cook it to save him time from using the pot-washing trouble.

He had a packet. And he asked his dad for another. When his dad asked him to cook one for him, he added another packet for himself.

When his dad, Michaels knew about that, he banned him from eating instant noodles, which apparently worked, for one day only.

The second I saw him cook, he had two packets at one time. Shock.

Our breakfast the nest morning. Well, it looked... Artistic, in a way. Never mind that, your intestines doesn't mind how it looks.

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