Friday, April 24, 2009

Perth - Twilight

No. Nothing to do with the vampires.

Just my college, Metropoiltan.

Or to be more exact, my exam results.

It was out this morning.

I had nightmare when the sun was barely out.

What was it about?

I failed Accounts and Micro-econs.

I was depressing over the results.

Horrified by the thought that how my father would skin me.

And terrified by the fact that I'll have to go for Mr. Andrew's class next sem.
And then I woked up.

Text-messaged Annie to phone me the result.

To my greatest relieve, I passed everything.

If I'm not mistaken, I got a Distinction for Malaysian Studies.

Yeah, MS.

And that's farewell to Malaysia Sejarah. Oh Buh-BYE!!


It would be nice to have a HD for everything...

Hmmm... *shakes away dissappointment*

That's for now.

When I get back, I'll need to reformat my laptop, Trojan's too much for me...


Scanning doesn't help *sighs*.

Then, my 2nd sem starts next Monday. Need to get my new timetable...

Will try to update at the school library~~

Right now, my toes and fingers are numb.


It's just a bit too cool... XD

And the internet connection is great here.

Perth's a pleasant place. :3

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