Thursday, April 30, 2009


College starts.

The number of students in the new batch- AL is like 4 times of ours.
Just so OMG.

And we're learning Mathematics with them this sem, hence the filling up the lecture hall nicely, finally.

I can totally understand why Guna back out the moment he opened the lecture theater's door and returned in a split second after triple-checking that he's in the right place.

I mean,I would do that if I was him.

Suddenly seeing so many, people, towering you when you expect few who are mostly your friends scares me.

A random junior new student in front of us.

So how do I feel about the new big family that just joined my college?

Well, like someone said before, a smaller class gets you more attention.
The cons: you definitely gets more attention.
The pros: it's easier to mix with your friends, and hence you feel more comfortable in speaking in front of everyone.

In a bigger crowd, you'll get these:
Pros: More friends obviously, provided that you like them.
Cons: Groups! You belong to yours and I to mine. You got the cool guys, the nerds, the dumb, the playful and so on. The bigger the crowd, the more the varieties.

I think my batch is just fine. lol Three classes, I got my family members in each one of them. We're all happy with each other...

Oh wait, so there might be a few exceptions...

Anyway, this is just how it is. And now, Youtube!!

YUI - again MV~~ Wheeeee~~


They spent around 50 seconds doing the intro-intro.

But I love it when YUI announced 'again'. It's like, 'we're doing this, again, but this time, this is our stage, the limelight is on us and we'll rock the world.'

Sooooo cool!! xD

The Midi (piano) version by some genius.

Second version. Not by program but using the real piano to play. But this one is somehow blur, not very clear. Like using some kind of old and broken recorder...

This is another piano version. A lighter, softer and slower one with a higher pitch compare to the other two. I consider some part of it a tad too slow, though, I like the choice of tone range.

The best would be of course, a combination of these 3. The clarity of the first one, the speed of the second one, and the tone range of the last one.

Tata for now. And yeah, Curtin will be up next.

Your Height Says You're Introspective

You are a very vulnerable and spiritual person. Your emotions run deep.

You have a philosophical and poetic soul. You think things through and are a bit of a skeptic.

You tend to be very opinionated. You are a perfectionist with high standards.

You prefer to work alone. You work hard, and you don't like interruptions.

You are about as tall as the average Japanese woman.

You Are Pigtails

You are fun loving, sweet, and cute. You radiate happiness and pure joy.

Your idea of style is wearing the things you love most. And you love colorful, happy things.

At your best, you are optimistic and open hearted. You find the good in everything.

At your worst, you refuse to grow up. You are very prone to daydreaming and fantasizing.

Refusal to grow up.
That really hit the spot.

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