Saturday, March 21, 2009

That's Why

You've done the right thing.

Says the vet

It was 1 o'clock, midnight.

We left the animal hospital.

I could still hear the cries of the remaining kitten echoing along the corridor.

God seems to hate to see me with kittens.

Or was because He prefers to have them by his side?

The touch of the kitten's fur lingers on my finger tips.

The indescribable feeling the moment I touch the one who can't wait to go to a place which it's not my time to go yet just sucks.

But I'm numb to that kind of thing already.

At lest, we were able to give the kittens some love.

Well, enough emoing. (Being emo doesn't suits me.)

I'll give you a detail scene.

The vet said, the kittens are too small for their age. They're not even half a normal kittens size. I've never witness a kitten growing up into a full grown cat before so I didn't notice it. But now I think about it...

The kittens barely grown... *sweats* And I was so busy those few days that I didn't have time to play with them. But as I allowed that remaining '小白' to suck my finger tip, only did I discovered that her teeth weren't out yet, which if she grows normally, it would be out by now.

The other one, which was lying there in front of us in a kind of state you wouldn't want to know, or even see (I don't want to traumatise you guys, who's gonna read my blog if they have nightmares every moment they click the link?), was infected by some underlying virus, or disease. Obviously it didn't make through.

According to the vet, the other one is showing similar symptoms. That left us with two choices.

Bring her back, give her a lot of love and tender care, and hope she'll pull it through. Chances are 50/50.

Sounds good to you right? 50/50?

But if you have enough medical knowledge, it means, it either lives, or dies.

Not much choice...

Second choice, turn her into sleeping beauty, and ask the prince to go to heaven to wake her up. The theory is like this, if you know you're going to get hungry at night, if you sleep earlier, you won't feel the hunger.

In other words, you suffer less.

The problem is, the kittens is not growing, she's not receiving enough nutritions, or antibodies or whatever a kitten needs other than love. So...

Being a sleeping beauty doesn't sound so bad...

I guess.

We hope.

Anyway, it's really late right now.

I won't forget your sparkling blue eyes. Too bad I didn't get to see your true eye colour.

Well, good night.

Sleep tight.

Sweet dreams.

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