Friday, January 23, 2009


Xiao Huang Jr loves the bag.

I've finally solved the cubic puzzle!!!! On Wei Fen's mama's car, randomly toying with it!

Human Comms. got no homework, except for the journal that seems to be piling up...

After the lecture, we got four hours of free time, nothing to do...

Headed over to Taylors' to have lunch with Cleste and her friend. The tom yam mee ok ok only at Asia Cafe... Will eat the waffle next time.

Killed some time at the library. Waited until Jerry and Shan Qi finish their class. Then we went to Burger King for lunch (for them).

As usual, I'm not in the photo. ;3

Later, we went to the classroom to rot wait. Camwhored for some time.

Paparazzi strikes again.
Introducing Shan Qi, Shawn and Jerry.

When Malaysian Studies finally started, I napped. Right in front of Ms. Hamizah. She didn't say anything...

And Marcus 7-11 always buka to crap bullied her.

Woke up at 3. Borrowed Shan Qi's mp3 to listen. Again, Ms Hamizah doesn't mind... I'm fine if she's fine.

Chatted with Eloise, Chelsia, and the rest about manga and anime. I amazed them with my amazing knowledge.

Click the photo for something interesting if you can't see, Cleste.

Lessons learned, listening to the lecturer with one ear and music with another ear makes it hard to focus on either one.

Lalala~ Someone reads Tsubasa as well~~

*goes back crying for Syaoran*

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