Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kursus Pelanggar Pandai

On Friday, I signed up for Metropolitan. No going back now...

Signed up at PerfectDriving Academy yesterday with Vincy.

The van, and no, it's not a Kelisa or a Kancil, arrived at 11 am to pick us up at the ss2 office. We were the last batch and the driver headed off straight to Puchong Prima. No trafic-langgaring, we arrived there before 12pm. We waited to get our copy of the stupid undang book. Can't really complain cause they were fast... Our darned lesson started at 12pm.

Our instructor, reminds me of someone I know, especially the way she smile. Whenever she smiled, she reveals two rows of her BIG and SHINY teeth... I couldn't recalled who she resembles until this morning. Remember a certain teacher of ours? The one who we I mistaken her as a guy in tudung... Hope Pn Hanim's not reading, or I'll be damned... I forgot her name, but I think she taught us during form 4 for a while... Despite sitting in the front-est row, I slept in front of the, hem hem, being polite here, the instructor... She didn't mind either...

Being the maestro of curi-curi eating during a lesson, I finished a packet of biscuits, and that seemed to amused Vincy, who's drowning drowsing in our lovely instructor's melodrama beside me... A guy beside me, who looked a bit nerdy, geeky and quiet. The temperature seemed to drop when he started cursing under his breath about waiting soooo long for the break... lol

At 2.30 we were allowed to take a break. So we headed to KFC to have our lunch. We lepak for a while before heading back to the center. I went into the supermarket, with hopes that I'll be able to buy a Sudoku to kill time later but there wasn't any... Boo. Should have check 7-11... The instructor explained about the road signs and what you can and cannot do on a road, the lesson was much more interesting after the break. Thank god. Or I really don't know what to do... And yeah, she explained how to ride a motorbike to us before letting us off. I can't help wondering when did we signed up to learn how to ride a bike... >.>

We were so GLAD that the torturing ended within 5 hours. *relieves*

The founder is Datuk Andy Lau/Law/Lao who cares... And no, it's not that Andy Lau... XDD

Happenings on the road eh?

It wasn't exactly cool in the class room... Coz we're tooo far away from the air-con...

The signs... Need to memorize it...Or I'll have to pay rm50 for the ulangan if I fail myself... T.T

Yeah, I was bored. Believe me, she really look like that!

She taught us: How to tie your seat belt.

I learned: How to make full use of everything in order to kill time. My bag made a very good pillow for sleeping.

Taking the exam this Wednsday with Vincy. If I passed, I shall stay back to sit for the theory of destroying a car and amali of self-destruction. Then we can start to learn driving!! If, that is. The worst case scenario is one of us failed and the other passed. Since we're in this together, it'll be damned awkward if that happens. Either the one who passed stays back for the course or wait for the other one.

Let's hope for the best.

Your Snow Test Says You're Independent

You feel like something good will happen to you in the next few weeks.

You love to work, especially when work is physical. You do well in any job, as long as you're not stuck in an office.

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Oh really, I thought I was rather dependent on others...

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