Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Fiesta 08

Comic Fiesta 08 was kinda mad. It pierced a gigantic hole in my wallet. It needs blood transfusion. Wan Hui, Dao-dao, Davion and Hsu-Cherng were there. Including my sister, my cousin and I, we made the lucky number seven.

It was my first time, I felt my eyes went goggling around the place greedily. The feeling was ecstatic and thrilling. Rows and rows of booths, the magnificent figurines, and the amazing creations of those artists totally raped my mind. I was like, Woah! Which to start with?? I was almost hopping... The booths were on the left side of the entrance, but we went to the stall selling anime items first.

Boo. Code Geass items were limited. Only 4 posters! The rest were Vampire Knights, Cardcaptor Sakura, Lucky Star, Conan, Death Note, Shugo Chara and a few Tsubasa products. We ran through the booths to make a list of what we might buy later. The most popular series I saw were Vampire Knights, Gintama, Hitman Reborn and Kuroshitsuji.

We saw all sorts of things. The first batch of items I bought were the badges. *Kaching* There goes 10 bucks. We browsed through the area again. As we still couldn't make up our mind on which item are worth poking a hole in our wallets.

Later, I bought a Kingdom Hearts' keychain. Another 12 bucks gone. The keychain was sealed in a can. So, it's totally based on luck that which design you might get. I decided to use a bit of logic back then. I measured the weight of the samples on the table to narrow down my chance of getting the Oblivion with my hand. I got a Pumpkinhead instead. That wasn't so bad, it was one of the alternative choice I choose. We looked like a bunch of fools weighting the keychains and cans... XDD

We had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. *Kaching* I hear the sound of money flying out. Dao-dao and Hsu-Cherng bought a hat. A very cute one that I would only dare to wear at this kind of event. *Kaching* There goes their $$. Later, My sis and I made up our mind to buy the mugs, the Lelouch and Suzaku printed mugs. *KACHING* Buh-bye, RM50. That was a lot. But they were so beautiful... *squeals*

After that, we bought some posters, 5 bucks each. I wanted a mouse pad with the wrist supporter. But there weren't any design for Code Geass or even Tsubasa. There were Tsubasa printed mouse pad without the wrist supporter though. Bought a pair of Kuroshitsuji badges. They were truly gorgeous. I'm happy I bought them.

And now, the cosplayers! I saw Doc. Octo, Nemesis, Katamari, Edward, Naruto, Aldo, Ranka, Lelouch and some more. The most popular character must be Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knights. I guess that's because her uniform isn't that hard too make... You could almost see one Yuuki hopping around every you go... I must say the most successful character is Katamari. Gyaaaa!!! She was so adorable!! The moment I saw Edward Elric from FMA, I had to suppress my urge of shouting 'hey you! CHIBI! Let me take your photo!'


The cosplay competition was funny. The guy who cosplayed Nemesis had to act out a scene. A girl volunteered and she was murdered by him. lol And a character from Star Wars demonstrated his force with the help of the hosts. Damn funny!! The Vampire Knights cosplayers then made their performance. It was cool that they gather when Yuuki whistled. But after that, the only thing that impressed me was the Kaname-killing-Shizuka scene and the you-suck-my-blood-and-I'll-suck-yours Zero and Kaname scene. The guy with the white hair really confused us coz the only guy with white hair was Zero. But he was supposed to wear the black uniform, instead of white...

I saw a set of Code Geass chibi figurines and had a strong desire to buy, but after checking my heavily-injured wallet, I figured out that I spent enough for one day... T.T Then I saw Lelouch and C.C. in the CLAMP design outfits. I let out a squeal uncontrollably... I pinned my beloved badges onto my shirt, unaware that I'm creating vampire-bite marks on it...

This Katamari wins!!!! She was so busy that Davion helped rolling her ball!! XDD


Three blind mice otaku.




Hakushaku to Yousei!! So nice!!

Ashford Lelouch and C.C.

The devil and the witch. Her dress was gorgeous!!

Where's Suzaku??!!

The infamous pinky swear!

Tian Zi and Xing Ke.

I was happy to see their figurines.

Shining Tears X Wind. I like Kureha's design.

Vampire Knights full team cosplayers!

The very cute Lelouch badge!

My badges. The direction where my money went.

My mug!! This side, Lelouch!

The other side, Suzaku!!

My precious.

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