Sunday, September 14, 2008


TRC chapter 198's cover is very CUTE~~ Three chibis and the most adorable one is Syaoran!! Below is the icon I made from this pic for my LJ account!!


As for this, it's absolutely hilarious... Now I know how the pink Lancelot was made, or painted if you prefer... But why pink???? O.o
LOVED this pic!! It's been a long time since Sunrise published a new art with Lelouch and Suzaku smiling together... Waiting for that to happen...

Feel like crying already... They all looked so happy together...

Another mad crack I made...

Two more turns to go... Waiting to see the PINK KMF... Nunnally I really rather you remain dead... And Cornelia-sama!!! You must LIVE~~ Ikitenasai!!! What a messed up family... Mad mother, Freaking father, Stupidly-blind sister and a Bad-a** brother... I can see a trainwreck... OST2's coming out next week... Can't wait to hear Boku wa Tori ni Naru.
Got myself a 4GB thumbdrive at the price of 50 bucks... Damn useful!!

Another moonshiny post...

Quote of the Post
"I will make both of you a record"
by Anya

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