Sunday, September 28, 2008

俺たちのZero Requim は 皆のために

The end of train wreck. No more mixed feelings and expectations on Sunday afternoon. Curse you Sunrise!

Continued Story was lovely. Very comforting for a devastated fan after watching the last turn... Lelouch's story has ended, so as Suzaku's. I hate Sunrise. C.C. is still alive, and we still don't know her real name. Damn it. But that's not the point, Lelouch is dead. D.E.A.D.!! I hate Sunrise.

Never, never will I be able to find another story as epic and unforgettable as Code Geass, though now there's nothing much to do with Geass anyway... And oh thank you Sunrise, for at least letting Nunnally and Kallen know what the hell Zero Requiem is... And yes, I think they forgave him!!

The life of Suzaku ends with him accepting Zero's mask... T.T

C.C. praying and crying... That's soooooooooo angst...

Sh*t!!!! Hell NO!!!!

WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! T.T At least Suzaku cried!!!!!! I totally don't hate him anymore!!!! Yes, cry people cry!! Oh how I wish they would make a picture drama from Suzaku's POV about Zero Requiem... T.T Wants more angst Suzaku!!

Suzaku hugs Lulu!!!!! *melts* T.T

*sobs* Hell yeah I know it's gay!!! But who cares!!!!!! Not me!!!! Not a bit!! Love his blood-stained hand... And wheeeeee!! Suzaku hugs him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank god Nunnally knows the truth behind his mask!! T.T

The ending seriously sucks! I can't believe they really kill them... I though C.C. was gonna die too... In the end, her role is just an observer????!!! WTH!! I rather both of them die together!! And then they'll be buried side by side... T.T

Sunrise succeed in traumatizing me. I'll never forget this!! Lelouch's death can actually be avoided!!! URRGGGHHH!!! I want some explanation!!! They better make a movie on those missing gap they kept giving us!!


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