Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toshokan Sensou??

There'll be an exhibition in our school library in August... I'm sure you knew already... It'll be about Nihon... I'm sure you knew this too... XDD

Wan Hui is verrrryyyyy enthusiastic in this~~ She kept asking can she join? Can she help? LOL... It's really nice to have someone sooooo excited about it~~ Love ya!!! Sadly, Chiau Hui wasn't there on Monday, or else we could have discuss more about it... Wui Teng's not helping at all... And yeah, Yu Ming was absent too...

Let's see what I have now...
- A small box of figurines (mine)
- A TRC Guide Book (mine too)
- Some really nice posters (yeah, mine...)
- Two 'How-to-draw-manga' books (Hui Ee & another girl's)
- Some Naruto figurines (Hui Ee)
- A Gundam Model (Three cheers for Cherng~~)
- I'm thinking on exhibiting my TRC Art book too... But that's reeeeaaaallllyyyy precious to me...

Really hate people FFK... Curse them all... I can't hit or whack them nicely too... Since they're already complaining that I'm really harsh on them by just a few words demanding where the freaking hell were they when they're suppose to show up... Guess that's how it is like being top of the ridiculous food chain... Something I'm bound to endure if I'm there...

Need to think twice about it...

Now I'll have to concentrate on the stupid AM project, my tuition homework, Library Exhibition and the CONCERT... & yeah, SPM...

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