Friday, July 11, 2008

Deep Breath

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Lelouch & Suzaku cosplaying Fuuma?? lol

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This pic screamed KAMUI!!! XDDD

OK, tomorrow's the day when I slip, fall, crash, smash, embarrass myself dance.

First, the Asmaradana. I'll be wearing pink pants (?) Definitely not my choice... And I'll let down my hair and yeah, I'll be one of the 'bulbies'... (light bulb)

Second, I believe I will fall/I will drop/I will slip by Britney Spears. The jazz dance! I'll be the red Cili there!!

Third, Fan dance! All of us are wearing those hideous red chinese top with fluffy balls on our head... (not sure about the fluffy thing yet, but one thing for sure, it won't be a Pomeranian dog...)

Last but not least, the Gathering... We're gonna wear black skirts with purple shiny things on it... I'm the FIRST pair to come out... Do try to take some photos... (though I might scream at the sight of it...) It's the LAST performance...

Finally, the FINALE~~ We'll leave the stage, and come in AGAIN when they announce Asmaradana. Then, we retreat to the back, and come out for I Believe, retreat, back again for Fan Dance, retreat again, back AGAIN for Gathering. And finally FINALLY, we'll come out to throw give flowers to those choreographer. I'll be the last one this time!! Photos please~~~

I think I'm already having some 'hippogriffs' dancing in my stomach... T.T I'm also getting a bit insomniac due to the anxiousness and excitement... Never mind, I'll just have to imagine I'm dancing in front of a piles of watermelon... XDD

And before I forgot... THANKS A LOT FOR COMING... (though 40% of me some times tend to scream DO NOT COME...) XDD

You Are Barbeque Sauce

You are a social person. You enjoy cooking for other people.

You are both skillful and competitive. You enjoy mastering hard tasks.

You appreciate complexity more than simplicity.

Your taste in food tends to lean toward interesting flavors.

You appreciate exotic spice combinations. You tend to like cutting edge, fusion cuisine.

You get along with all personalities from a distance. Except salsa personalities, who always seem to annoy you.

You Are the Index Finger

You are ambitious, driven, and capable.

You aren't afraid to take responsibility for your actions - or place the blame on whoever deserves it.

You are honest, free thinking, and objective. You see things in your own way - and you aren't afraid to let everyone know about it.

You get along well with: The Thumb

Stay away from: The Ring Finger

You Are a Turkey Sandwich

Conservative and a bit shy, you tend to stick with what you know and trust.

You are very introverted, and you prefer to blend in whenever possible.

Though you may be hard to know well, anyone who does know you considers you a true friend.

Your best friend: The Ham Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

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