Monday, July 14, 2008


It's been two days since the concert... I'm expecting BIP to pass me the photos tomorrow, since my sister is sooooooo unreliable... I've watched it on the Vcam, all I can see is the vague figures of us moving, not the face... Nvm, faces are meant for photos~~

I did two freaking mistakes, one for Asmaradana and I Believe... The walking part and right after we switched places... Nooooooooo~~ The perfect one was the Fan Dance~~ XDD As for The Gathering, I failed to do the double pirouette... T.T Actually, the pirouette always depend on various conditions, the smoothness of the floor, my hair, the arms and pure luck... T.T

The stage's far more wider than our studio (duh?) So we had to rehearse a few times to get use to it... Like for the Fan Dance, We're suppose to hop first, but since the stage is soooooooooo wide, we had to run... Same goes to The Gathering as well, we had to come out from the curtains or else who won't be able to get there in time...

I brought a container full of grapes, seedless grapes. I've discovered that a lot of people are picky at eating grapes, they only eat seedless grapes... I guess that's ok... Since it's troublesome to look for a place to dump the seeds... The school provided fried rice for us, I didn't bother to eat mine... It's almost the same as the one my mum (2nd mum) always fried... I try to avoid it as much as possible... (I'm picky, I know... I'm ungrateful, I know that too...)

And yes, the letter!! I was feeling extremely mischievous that moment that I can't help myself from asking paper and pen to write it... And good job for hiding it from LB!!! XDDD LOL He was like soooooooo innocent and blank!!!

My mum (2nd one) was there to do make up for those who wants... She spent at least 30 minutes on one person... For me, more! She did it for me before we left for the auditorium, she feared that she might not have enough time for others... I think mine was at least 40 minutes... My dad laughed at me... T.T Indeed I looked like a 大花猫. When I went downstairs, my grandma had just arrived, they awed and gasped at my face... Apparently, they've never seen such a big cat before...

I managed to sneaked out thrice... One after Asmaradana, Interval and right after I Believe. The Finale was fun! I screamed behind coz I had to wait to give the bouquet... I wanted to scream more, but Ms. Ng was the LAST one, and I didn't dare to scream in front of her while presenting the flowers... T.T All of us got this environmental friendly bag with sweets and snacks inside... Mine's green colour...

Overall it was OK I guess...

After we left, my grandpa wants to eat something, so we went for Ming Tian... Which I introduced to my grandma coz it's near, and there's a stall who sells dumplings, made by a couple from north of China... I freaked out before I entered the place... I just remembered that I looked like a clown... T.T My mum kept saying no one wants to look at you... I know, I know!!! But I can't possibly sit there and eat!!! That's more than enough... So, when my grandpa wants to eat there, I protested so much that they had to 'da-bao'... My grandma was soooooo excited to met someone from China... In the end, she bought 30 dumplings... Just becoz she wants to make their lives better... She was really obstinate at buying the dumplings, she insisted that we BUYS!!!

And when we've got home, it took me hours to remove the 5 inches-thick make up on my face!! scrub, scrub and scrub...

As for today, Cleste decided to be a coach potato again. The stairs were locked so that we Form 5 can get down to the stupid field fast enough... Black Hole gave a LOUSY speech, possibly the worst I've heard... He stopped frequently and sux terribly at BM... He said: ' XXX 'membazirkan' masanya untuk kejayaan...LOL Even the teachers laughed... As for us, it's almost impossible for us not to gloat~~ XDD

Then it's AM, Pn. Foo extended the due date to next Friday... YAY!! Then I slept through Black Hole's period again... zzzzzZZ... Then for BI, Pn Yee didn't come... Muahahahaha... I'm evil... Then, we had BM, another sastera, Kiantai's group was presenting... Kentai was funny, he kept reused the same word... And finally, Biology... We had another graph to draw, a curve one...

I stayed back for Seni, today we gotong-royong the room, piled up those presentable pieces in a box to preserve it, as the room is gonna be 'dirobohkan'... There was this huge 'wau', it actually can fly~~~ We plan to fly it on Friday... If possible...

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