Monday, May 26, 2008


I didn't cry.

I just felt awkward when we arrived at Raub, witnessing Wai Po crying like hell and banging the coffin with a mixture of remorse and resentment... All we did were burning the papers, eat, and sleep. We didn't attend the funeral, we got back yesterday. My dad wanted us to attend, but being a 'xiao-lao-po' isn't exactly a proud thing... There, the relatives knew my dad was Wai Gong's son-in-law, my brother's his son, xiao mi's his wife. Sooner or later they'll start questing our (me, my sis n my mum) identity...

Who are they?? The fact that my dad has two wives are only known to xiao mi's mum, dad, bro and a few other people... So, to the villagers and some other bad-mouthed relatives is bound to ask who the hell are we... Not wanting others to know the 'truth', we 'sneaked' out in the morning... I don't suppose they'll believe that we're aliens from out of space or angels from heaven...

We reached home at 12 pm, took a bath and feeling a bit guilty, we went shopping at Giant... And since dad won't be back till tomorrow, I took the chance and switched on my com and leave it on till now to download the rest of Spice and Wolf... By the time I woke up, I got all three episodes downloaded...

There's not much in Giant, we went there because the day before something nice caught my eyes... In the end, I brought a nice bracelet, a white sling bag and failed to buy any red tops for my concert... Then, we went to Atria, got a hair cut and a book which GC fancy like hell fro rm1 only...

Currently reading Star Wars (guess why do I have that novel although I don't fancy Star Wars~~) out of boredom and watching Spice and Spice... The ed was really cute... Loved the ringos~~

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