Friday, May 30, 2008

Cuteness Overload

Now I get it... Jason was born at least 2 months early, so that's why he's soooo slow... But that doesn't stop him from being cute~~ He loves hide and seek too~~ But since he's not very bright, we had to purposely shout or move a bit to let him find us... And we went to the park again yesterday... He finally learn to love the tube slide... And he tried the swing and see-saw. It rained in the afternoon, so we had to bring along a cloth to wipe those things dry...

Later, we got a shock of our lives...While Jason was climbing excitedly up a 'slide', (he climbs the slide instead of using the ladder coz it's closer to the tube slide...) he tripped and OUCH... He got up, we could see his lips were bleeding, so we rushed towards him... As we were treating his tiny lips, something red and unpleasant drip from his nose...

Eeehhhhh~~~ His nose is bleeding??? Oh s**t!! What are we suppose to do?? After panicking around the playground, we had to carried him all the way back to our house and give him ice, tv and etc... After his nose finally stopped bleeding, his cuteness rating broke 150%... Why? Coz he didn't cry when his lips and nose were bleeding... Kawaiii~~

Though I wonder why didn't he cry... Was it because he's a tough boy instead of a weepy baby or was he just too slow to react... And being slow doesn't stop him from being 18 kg... My right arm is sored... *ouch*

Downloaded some songs a few days ago... O2 was much more nicer in the piano version... Tsubasa Chapitre 191 seriously rox!! I thought Syaoran in TRC is a Mr. Seriously Nice Guy, but like father like son... He and Touya really doesn't get along~~~ It's so funny!! Dad and son both disliked their 'honey's brother!! XDD And now, I got my Bm result... I think it's 66... Did Pn Hanim suddenly decided to be generous before she leave or were we really that good??

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