Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wasting Time

I'm back from Penang... Went there on Saturday right after Tuition... I spent 75% of the time watching Japanese Dramas, Bambino & SP (Security Police), 10% reading mangas, and there rest sleeping... Lol... The latest time for me to sleep is 3am, earliest is 2am, I think...

And here I am, blogging instead of revising... Tan C Y told us we should use this holiday wisely, everyone of us knows that what he says is 99.9% true, still nobody wants to study~~ XD... Self-destructing...

SP's not bad... The actor looked really familiar, he's a Japanese, but reminds me of a Chinese actor... Bambino makes me hungry~~ All those pastas and dolce~~ Other than dramas, I went to Megamall, after spending 2 hours non stop walking from shop to shop searching for my red top... Ouch for my foot! I finally found one!!! Yippeee~~

The first night we all had to squeezed in my grandpa's tiny room. Why? Our air con is ROSAK... The following night we had to cover ourselves completely with our blankets... The air con is on, but we can't changed the temperature nor turn it off for a while, if we do so, we might just make it useless again... Samuikatta desu~~ The nest few nights we are allowed to turn it off but the temperature 'remained' constant... Life in Penang is what you call light and easy... For us who went back for holidays of course... I like the shopping centers there, you can find loads of funky, fancy clothes of brands which you never heard of...

And there's an anime I've just brought... I think I regret buying... Angel's Feather, it has nice illustration for it's cover, nice summary... But it's hell after I've watched the 1st epi... It's YAOI!! I don't really mind not-too-yaoi's-yaoi fanfic, but this just just to embarrassing... The main character- Shou, blushed when his creepy teacher took out his necklace from his uniform. I had a funny feeling then, it really bothers me, , his brother - Kai, looks horrible when he's animated... His hair is simply disastrous... And OMFG, they kissed?? And my mum's watching too~~

It'd be better if I'm alone, it's really too much for me... And it's really uneasy to watch in front of 'adults'... What would she think of me?? There's also some scene where guys hugged each other, one licking his lips before he blew his stupid flute and a freaking monster who stuck his thumb into his victim's mouth and the victim, Shou simply blushed??! I think I'm gonna faint... The story's supposed to be good, but the story line sux... It's not smooth enough, it feels like informations were falling randomly from the sky like rain...

Suddenly a guy has a flute and suddenly he was called to play it and suddenly he drive away the monster with his stupid flute... What kind of story is that??

Tomorrow, I'll finally be going to Niu Che Sui at 11am~~ Big Apple here I come!

You Communicate With Your Eyes

When you say, "I'll believe it when I see it" - you really mean it.

For you, what you see is a lot more important than what you hear.

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