Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh My Freaking God!

What do you do IF your dad, who you some times criticize him on your blog asks you: ' Do you blog?'

My first answer will be NO... But then, I answered him:' Only the GROUP blog...' Unknown to him, my mind ran rapidly like hell, imagining all kinds of consequences that might happen if I said yes... Will I tell him? He might ask for my blog add if I did... NO WAY!! It'll be the END of my life!! Which makes me made up my mind to reply NO...

Another BIG event that might turn out to be my doomsday is mid-term... It's 15th already... We're already in the DANGER & PANIC zone~~ Panic everyone!! Wait, NO! Don't panic!! GO home and eat ALL your text book!!! I WANT!! But I CAN'T... Easy to say... Study hard, but to do the practical was like HELL...

What's worse, I can't get my mind off Code Geass R2, which is seriously gonna mark my day if I don't get over it NOW... But how leh... Almost EVERY episode is a climax epi... Impossible to skip... Not with

Rollo saying 'I will kill Zero'
Lelouch saying 'I must deal with him first, My FAKE brother Rollo'

with those big FAKE heart-breaking smiles on their faces while facing each other...

What to do?? Besides the Geass threat I'm currently facing, there's another ONE... Me don't tuition, well, at least not Chemistry and Physic right now... Instant death!! I sucks at Chemistry... And that new teacher Rxx kinda SUX as well... It's not that he's bad at teaching, but he's class is soooooo DIRTY!!! As in THAT kind of dirty... (don't make me spell it out...) Physic isn't that hard as long as I STUDY... The problem is, I don't study much... Not until LAST MINUTE... Hahahar... That's another one way ticket to hell~

God of Geass, bless me!

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