Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Something to expect, something to look forward~~


R2 is seriously AWESOME!!! The way the start the episode, the way they pull me into their world and of course LELOUCH!!!! It seems that Lelouch lost his memory, or his memory was being tampered by SOMEONE... Is this the end?? NO, Karen and the rest of the Black Knights who escaped came to the rescue!!!

Arrrrrggghhh!! I really want to know who Rollo is!!! It's not like Rollo is his real brother, I doubt it... It seems like someone change his memory UNTIL he DOESN'T even REMEMBER NUNNALLY!!! All he know is, he has a cute little brother, whose voice is more mature than I had expected (Alphonse anyone??) and felt that life, IS BORING!!!

But then, I wonder, if Rollo was a spy or a substitute or somethingsomething the bad guys (bad guys?? ) sent to company/spy on Lelouch, is Rollo acting in front of everyone?? I mean, he looks like he cares for his brother!!! And it's said that the things he treasures the most is the locket Lelouch gave him on his birthday... (It sounds very sweet all right... But Lelouch sure has a weird taste... Giving hie BROTHER a locket... Or is it Rollo who wants the locket in the first place??) And what about the rest in school?? Especially Millie!! She should know that Lelouch only have A SISTER!! Is Rollo really Lelouch's brother or the other's memories has been tampered too??

Anyway... The ending was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!! The song is totally different from Mosaic Kakera and Yuukyo Seishunka... This time it's シアワセネイロ (Shiawase Neiro)!! True!!! It does have a shiawase feeling!! It's so peaceful, and it totally synchronizes with all of CLAMP's art!! Another YAY!! CLAMP drew ALL the ending art which is no doubt the best!!!! So gorgeous!! Especially the one with Cornelia and Euphemia!!!

Last, they gave us a tiny-winy peek on what happen one year ago...

Suzaku: 'Lelouch, I won't ask for your forgiveness... We are friends after all, right?'

How could you???? And what the hell are you trying to show with that calm and cold look and tone???!!! Don't act cool!! Coz you're not!! Actually, when Suzaku is angry, he can go more more insane than Lelouch... OR at least you can feel he's really mad with those creepy aura around him unlike Lelouch who doesn't bother keeping his mad aura...

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