Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seminar madness

Yesterday Mel and I were late... But Cleste wasn't anywhere to be seen when we reach canteen UNTIL her car horned us... And she came down later... Cool~~ Black nails... Wonder why didn't she try painting her teeth black too~~ Maybe I should learn from Dr Tan, think with a mathematical mind... The canteen was EMPTY & DARK~~~ Nobody bother to wait inside... Who dares??!

And then Venus called... 'The van is outside!! Where are you guys??' We were like 'HUH?' Outside? Didn't that lady said 'WAIT IN THE CANTEEN'??Ah well, just go out... And we move... BUT venus was NO WHERE TO BE SEEN... She, betrayed us... Abandoned us... *sobs* Nvm, we forgive her since she's a fan of Gary (from Pokemon~~)... She got into a van and didn't wait for us... We then got into this tiny Proton, with a paper sticked on the screen... I wonder, can that guy see properly with that paper??

The seminar was not bad... Especially the ADD MT and Physic... Got lots of tips~~ And the way Cikgu Urajh (or something like that) teach us to memorize those table are so damn funny LOL~~ His brain isn't really on the RIGHT track of teaching students lol... He keeps involving all those Kentai-interested-stuff... lol~~

And Dr Tan, yes, he wore gloves yesterday night... Maybe it's for him to wipe the white board I guess... The Q I can't stop asking is, 'Where the HELL is my snack??!!'... About two hours later we got some milk and biscuts... During the seminar... Cikgu Urajh keep promoting that Tuition centre... 1 sub - 60, 2 sub - 100, 3 sub - 110... Quite cheap mar... But he sounds like he's REALLY DESPERATE to teach...

We got back to school with the LAST van... It was 11:30 ++ by then... And boy oh boy... You should have see how that lady driver drives...

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