Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations 3 - The Dream Seen By The Princess

Yay!!! It's only a TRAILER but I'm still very happy!!! OMG~~ The Vampire transforming scene was so nice!!! AND YAY for SYAORAN!!! I'm glad it came out... Now all we can do is to wait for 17th of March... Ureshiiiiiiiiiii desu!!! Mitai! Mitai!! MITAIIII!!!

Speaking of CNY, GONG XI FA CAI~~ Tonight won't be sleeping, will stay awake until 12/1 am to welcome CAI SHEN!! And then, the CLIMAX, Ang Paos!! YAY!! Our reunion dinner was really busy, kinda chaotic... eveyone yelling at the top of their voices, 'gang way, GUN SUI~~ (boiling water) And people walking here and there serving food and so on...

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