Friday, February 8, 2008

Night Of The Vow

Wow!!So Kurogane isn't Kuro-daddy's real name~~ His real name is Falcon King - Youou. So nice!! YAY! And Syaoran got back 'his' clothes!!! *skips and hops around the house*

Back to CNY... Hai... My dad, the Lion, or would I say 'pig' king who demands absolute obedience... What's wrong with me to have an opinion???!! Seriously!! He always said, 做事要用腦袋!! So, when one's thinking, it'll usually ended up with having some opinion, right?? And of course, when you have a CONCLUSION, you'll act according to WHAT you thought of, right?? But... ARGGGHHHH.... I can't stand him... (I noe it's really rude to say behind his back... But I've had ENOUGH)

Ok, wanna noe what happend? I'll tell you. It all started with my dad chatting with his sis-in-law... And they some how talked about wither us children, agrees with his decision of having A.N.O.T.H.E.R. W.I.F.E.... And dear daddy asked us... And we reply: 'No, no objection... (and I added) because that's what daddy said...' (what can I do? I still need him to feed me...) Our conversation ended 'peacefully'... At least, That's what I thought...

Until bedtime, he called me up, with a stupid solemn face, he asked me coldly, 'so, you start to have an opinion of yours already lar?? You think you're big enough to think and act in your own way already lar? You think you are BIG enough to judge wither MY decisions are RIGHT or WRONG already lar??'

What can I do... (seriously... What's the big deal??? I was just joking nd he took it sooooooooooo seriously???!!! ) Hai... And in the end, he 'command' me to sleep and he sulked for a whole day on the next day... What he doesn't know is, that me and my sister are actually giggling quietly for making him unhappy... I bet he'll kill me if he sees this...

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