Thursday, January 31, 2008

My BLOG...

Done a skin, which kinda sux... The stupid com keep attempting to hang itself, restarted 'n' times before I get to finish my skin... (It's my very first one, so no critics please...) Enough with the skin which I dun even wanna mention, let's start with my life...

Nothing much happen in school except for our hilarious rehersal of our Drama - Bagaimana Dalat Mendapat Namanya, in short, Dalat... OMG!! I never knew our class was sooooo abnormal... Especially after that rules & regulations of Samudra photo ---> guy+guy=GAY... Wait a sec, doesn't gay means happy? The teachers are really thinking tooo much... But this, is another case... I know the guys are really close friend, but not THIS close!! Slapping butts, holding hands, hugging each other , sitting on one another, & etc... (swt) Let's stop thinking toooo much... They're just acting... Ummm... Maybe a little over reacted... Conclusion: they're really close friends... (pity there's no cam at that time... Stupid camera-guy, unavailable at such a critical time...)

Nothing much after that, except for these few tiny winy little things: Black hole nagging me, 'where's da mt & sci?'... (which is normal) & the feeling of hushing our chibi-mame teacher to speed up, not just a bit, but A LOT!! And compliments from Chin Shen and Shi Yun, they LOVE my playlist~~ ^_____^

In the afternoon, I sent our dear little chibi-mame prefect junior - Daniel-kun my 'wonderful'' playlist through msn Which he ended up in moaning in pain... Take it off!!! Take it off!!! What? Your clothes? Why?? O.o He swore that he'll kill me tomorrow, in my class of course... But is that a GOOD idea?? Me dun think so... Why? Cos there'll be almost half a dozen of Paparazzi/camera-girl/camera-boy around... Which means he'll have another dozens of photos uploaded if he comes... (insert evil laughter )

Well, I guess it's enough for one day... Matta ne~~

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