Sunday, September 19, 2010

Work Harder?

Sem 2 is crazy. I've been writing reports non-stop for 3 weeks, not to mention that I have 2 more reports due next next week...

Had an exam on Friday with 2 assignments to pass up. Oh boy, I worked really hard on Thursday night to finish my Marketing & Finance assignments and studied my Finance (That was the very first time I read the text book properly).

I guess... It serves me right for not paying attention in class. =___=

Started really studying at 10pm until roughly 2am when my dad made me sleep. For many many reasons I only managed to fall asleep at 3++, and woke up at 5am. Tried to sleep again but fail. Was too nervous (or maybe not, I just felt dreaded and excited) to sleep. So I studied again.

Had a Brand's Chicken Essence while munching biscuits. And the chicken essence tasted awful because I can only find the kiddies one, which tasted like Banana-syrup-gone-wrong. Left house around 7.30am and it was raining. Traffic was terrible near the LDP Perabot, a few cars got banged and a lot of idiotic drivers refused to switch on their lights. They think everyone's superman, bloody idiots.

Parked my car near RHB bank and went to get the ticket. Useless ticket machines were all on strike and I didn't get any ticket after trying out 4 machines. So I parked there for a quarter of a day for free.

Went to the library and saw the family there. Added more details into my formula sheet thanks to Kirly~ And because of those additional notes, I could answer some question on the topic I decided to abandon studying. Unfortunately, there was one formula which I forgot to include in my paper.

Realised that when I couldn't find the right formula. Good thing our brain cells work better in times of emergency. I managed to recall that very formula from memory thanks to the exercises I tried out a few hours ago for the first time. xD

After passing up my assignments when the exam ended, I felt so drained and happy.

Mmmmm. I had a refreshing nap on my way back to Penang. Would love to blog about Penang, but I just feel so un-inspired right now. Perhaps later? If I ever bother to do it....

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