Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Bit Lost

No idea why. Maybe it's the stress. All the crazy assignment reports, dodgeball competition, my dad's work and my ballet exam (probably the main culprit) are overwhelming.

First of all, I have more than 7 assignments and a presentation to complete, worse, I'm not really happy with the toughest assignment. Stupid lecturer didn't warn us and now I'm stuck with someone I'm not familiar with, oh how I wish I got Mr Keith. Talk about bad luck. Well, it's not like I don't like to get out of my circle, but the thing is, working with those you're not familiar with has a certain disadvantage, they might screw you up and you might be too good to go shrieking at them. I'm not sure how's that member of mine is like, but we'll see. Hopefully, he doesn't screw me.

Then I have to help my dad with his work which he couldn't bother to do/can't do. Like those that require Photoshop is definitely my task. But he wants me to do his Word, PPT and Excel work as well, and it ain't easy to please a demanding boss who lives with you. And because he lives with me he makes me to work until midnight whenever I'm free on the next day. There's goes my good night. And yeah, he says I sleep too late. Wonder who's fault is that. Ok, so partially it's mine I admit... But I'm always working overtime for him, that explains.

The most stressful upcoming event is my ballet exam. I still can't do a perfect double-pirouette, and I HAVE TENDINITIS ON BOTH LEGS. Bloody perfect. I just have two more weeks to train but I CAN'T. oh f*ck. I paid RM485 for it, I can't fail!!!!!! Gah. Worst of all I have to go for CDL for a few more weeks. Damn. Aamos told me it starts in October. IT FRIGGING AIN'T OCTOBER YET AND IT'S STARTED ALREADY. LIAR.

Heeh, let's pray for the best. Everything will be over (well except my job at home) on 13th October. Can't wait for that day to arrive.

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